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   Chapter 35 Joining Forces I

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After granny Ruo left Ning Siyao's yard, she directly headed towards the direction of Yingshuang yard. Along the way, she kept looking at the bag of gold in her hand.

This news was very quickly passed on to Qingyan.

Granny Ruo, since you want to be loyal to the second house this much, then what's the harm in granting your wish. Besides, everyone has plenty of time.

When granny Ruo entered Yingshuang yard, she saw that no one welcomed her. Putting on airs, she berated them, "A bunch of useless slaves, don't you know that you should come greet me when you see me?"

However, the servant girls all pretended to not hear her voice and continued to mind their own business with their work in hand. Unable to continue watching, granny Ruo grabbed a broom and charged out, "Did you not hear me?"

"My, I was just wondering who it was. Isn't this the long time no seen granny Ruo? What's wrong, did you finally think of the young miss now?" When Lue walked out and saw granny Ruo, she spoke out in a sarcastic tone.

Granny Ruo glanced at Lue and reached out to slap her. But just when she was about to lift her hand, she was struck. She then heard another voice chime in, "Lue, who is this old hag? Why have I never seen her before?"

Granny Ruo looked towards Qingdai in discontent, "Where did you come from, how dare you hit me, do you know who I am?"

Qingdai clearly didn't care. Holding her wrist, she looked to granny Ruo and spoke in a cold tone, "I don't care who you are, I only listen to the young miss."

Lue looked to Qingdai and recalled Qingyan's orders from earlier. She whispered in a small voice, "Qingdai, she's the miss's wet nurse granny, if the young miss finds out, she might get mad at you."

Qingdai smirked and raised her eyebrows, "Oh, I see, so it's miss's wet nurse granny. Then it really is my fault." As she said this, she picked a small rock from the ground and flicked it towards granny Ruo. "I'm just punishing a pathetic servant. She should really look at who raised her to be so pathetic like this. To go as far as to calling everyone useless slaves. The miss has always treated us servants so well."

At the same time, Su Qingyan was sitting in her room leisurely drinking her te

vise for me. If Xiaocui doesn't hit hard enough, then I'll bestow these fifty slaps to her."

"Understood." He said this as he scanned the girl standing to the side and spoke in a cold voice, "Go on."

Granny Ruo completely didn't expect any of this. Her face was already swollen, who know what she'll end up like after these fifty slaps. As she thought of this, she instantly pressed her head to the ground to ask for forgiveness, "Miss, have mercy! I didn't mean to."

But Qingyan looked as if she'd completely didn't see her begging for forgiveness. She yawned, "I'm really tired! Xiaocui, if this pathetic servant makes a single noise and disturbs my rest, then next time, the one I'll have to deal with is you." With that said, Qingyan turned to leave.

Granny Ruo was already old in years, how could she endure such torment. Before the count could even reach twenty, she'd already passed out.

Seeing the passed out granny Ruo on the ground, Qingyan said in a cold voice, "Fengqing, just throw her out for me."

After receiving his orders, Fengqing really did just throw her out.

When she looked to Xiaocui with a smile, Qingyan took out the hairpin in her hair and placed it in Xiaocui's hands, "Your hands must hurt, you can have this."

Although Xiaocui didn't know why Qingyan called her out, but when she saw the hairpin, her eyes lit up. As she accepted the hairpin with a bow, she continuously thanked her master, "Thank you young miss, thank you young miss."

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