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   Chapter 34 Conspiring IV

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Warm drops of tears drop by drop rained down on Murong Jingxuan's chest. He seems to have not felt this throbbing sensation in a long time.

Ever since he was small, he had always been living in Diqiu under another's charity. Although he was raised by Emperor Xuanyuan, but in the end he wasn't a child of the royal family. So more or less he was restraining his fears.

In those people's eyes, he was just a self-indulgent son of powerful parents, someone who loiters around those less than respectable establishments. In the public's eyes, he was an unrivaled playboy heir. But the struggles within was something only he could understand.

He was unable to look into what had happened to Qingyan in the past few years for her to have become like this. Just what in the world happened, for her to say such desperate words under these circumstances.

To abandon her for the throne?

If he really could, he was willing to give her this vast land as a betrothal gift, just for a smile.

"Qingyan, what's wrong? Why would you say that?" Murong Jingxuan closely held her in his arms and quietly muttered.

Qingyan continued to softly cry in his arms, as if she didn't hear what Murong Jingxuan said. After awhile, she slowly spoke, "Murong Jingxuan, thank you." She looked as if what had happened just now never happened.

"Qingyan, from now on I'll lend you my shoulder to lean on." Murong Jingxuan looked to her and said still with a playful tone. This time she didn't retort his words, and instead showed a warm smile.

Seeing her bright smile, Murong Jingxuan faintly let out a smile, "Qingyan, I'll take you to see how granny Ruo's two sons ended up."

Hearing this, Qingyan shook her head, "Your Highness, I already know how they will end up. Right now, I need to plan on how to deal with granny Ruo."

Murong Jingxuan spoke as he raised his hand to stroke her head, "Qingyan, if you need help, you can come find me."

Qingyan looked to him with a smile, "Naturally, because I've prepare quite a show for Shizi to watch. I've heard that his Majesty does not allow for the practice of witchcraft within the capital. I want to know if someone were to violate this law, what kind of outcome would there be?"

Seeing her confidently smirki

no longer cared about.

Besides, she was already all alone, the most important thing now was to help Ning Siyao take care of Su Qingyan. At least this way, she could still get a good retirement.

"Granny Ruo why did it take you so long to return, could it be that something happened at home?" Ning Siyao looked to granny Ruo and asked in concern.

Before granny Ruo could even open her mouth, tears had already started to stream down, "My sons, my daughter-in-laws, and my grandsons all died. Therefore, from now on, I will definitely properly help second madam deal with the fourth miss."

Listening to granny Ruo's words, Ning Siyao contently nodded her head. However, she didn't expect that granny Ruo's entire family would have passed away. She glanced to the servant girl at her side. The girl quickly brought out a bag and handed it to granny Ruo.

"Granny Ruo, this is a bit of our gratitude, I hope you won't mind. Once you help us get rid of the fourth girl, we will let you enjoy your retirement." Ning Siyao's words had the power to lead one astray. And all of granny Ruo's worries and doubts vanished into thin air when she saw the bag full of dazzling gold.

She had never seen so much gold in her entire life until now!

Taking the bag of gold, granny Ruo immediately started to bow her head to the ground at Ning Siyao, "Second madam don't worry, the fourth miss has always trusted me. That's why even if I were to ignite the fire, in her heart she would still believe in me.

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