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   Chapter 33 Conspiring III

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Qingyan looked to the practiced writings on the table up until the last moments, when she finally angrily picked up the piece of paper and threw it.

She couldn't forget; she simply just couldn't forget. Every time she closed her eyes to sleep would remember how everything started, remember all the pain she had suffered. She would remember her family, her children.

How were they not all innocent?

Her father, her children, how would they end up?

She took out the dagger she'd always carried and craved onto the table. Only like this, could she slightly relieve the pain suppressed in her heart.

As long as she takes the right steps and obtain the current emperor of Donghe's acknowledgement, she can go to Nanchen with this identity and extract her revenge. Let that cheating pair meet the end they deserve. The only thing she can do now is to turn the entire Su manor on its head.

Since Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun wanted to go against her, then she won't mind to stir up this pond even more.

What does 'to not practice good virtue, heaven will strike you down' mean?

It was this.

"Su fourth miss sure is skilled."

When she heard this voice and looked up, Qingyan saw Murong Jingxuan clad in purple sitting on the window sill. He had his legs crossed and even leisurely carried a blade of green bristlegrass in his mouth.

"Oh!" Qingyan said this as she threw out the dagger in hand. Seeing the dagger get caught, she smiled, "Since your Highness likes this dagger so much, I'll just pretend that I've given it to your Highness as a gift."

Murong Jingxuan played with the blade in hand, but his gaze not once leaving Qingyan. After staring at her for awhile, he smiled and said, "Miss, you should have already known that the third house is going to act, why haven't you made a move yet!"

"How do you know I haven't made a move yet? Did Fengqing not tell you anything?" Su Qingyan listened to Murong Jingxuan's words and looked to him in surprise.

Fengqing would usually report everything about her to Murong Jingxuan; could it be that Fengqing made a mistake?

"Fengqing, what is this?" Murong Jingxuan impatiently called out to the air. "Why didn't you report to me Su Miss's recent developments?"

Fengqing silhouette immediately appeared hanging on the window ledge, "Master,

ng Jingxuan suddenly felt that the Su Qingyan before him made him feel sorry for her. Sometimes he could even see his past self in her. When he thought of this, he smiled; so that's why he felt they were similar.

"Qingyan, if you want to kill, I will pass you the torch; if you want to topple a country, then I will topple this country for you." Murong Jingxuan said this as he once again pulled her into his embrace.

Qingyan smelled the faint scent of sandalwood coming from him, and this time she didn't push him away, but rather rested her head in his embrace.

He had a similar scent to Weisheng Junmo on him, And carried a similar feeling to Weisheng Junmo too.

In the past they rode bamboo horses around the plum tree*, At that time, she only ever wanted to be Weisheng Junmo's only bride in life.

But a single imperial edict shattered their dreams, And she floated in the depths of misery for ten years.

(*TN: It's an allegory to childhood lovers as the phrase for childhood lovers in Chinese is loosely translated to mean green plum and bamboo horse)

If she could, she would rather just by Weisheng Junmo's only love;

If she could, she would rather escape with Weisheng Junmo to the ends of the earth.

But she didn't do it, and he didn't either.

They carried on them different responsibilities;

One for her family, and one for his country.

"Murong Jingxuan, will you abandon me? Will you abandon me for this vast land*?"

(*TN: The land or jiangshang symbolizes power and in a way the throne as well)

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