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   Chapter 32 Conspiring II

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When she heard Qingyan say that, Deng Yan looked as if she'd just saw her last hope. She looked to Qingyan with a serious look and said, "What brilliant plan does fourth miss have!?"

Qingyan curled her lips, "Since Chai Yiyun wants to frame us, then why don't we just play along? Who knows who will win or lose in the end!"

Listening to Qingyan say this, Deng Yan was a bit confused, "What does fourth miss mean by this? If we play along, then the ones getting the short end of the stick would be us."

Su Qingyan shook her head grinning, "That might not be the case, I've already prepared a big surprise for Chai Yiyun!" As she said this she knocked on the table, "But I still need Yiniang's cooperation for this. We have to let them know what it means to purse a narrow gain while neglecting the greater danger."

Deng Yan thought over what Qingyan had said, but she still didn't understand her intentions, "How should I cooperate with you."

Su Qingyan brought out a pill and handed it Deng Yan, "Let Cong'er eat this pill. This pill will let Cong'er's strength greatly increase, but it will also let him sleep for 3 days."

Looking at the pill in Qingyan's hand, Deng Yan finally understood what Qingyan really wanted to do. This was called 'to place someone at death's door and he will fight to live*'.

(*TN: This is a line from 'The Art of War')

"Alright, I'm willing to trust you." Deng Yan said this as she accepted the pill from Qingyan. "Is there anything else I need to do? If it's witchcraft, I'm can also help as well."

Su Qingyan shook her head, "Yiniang, you don't need to concern yourself over of this matter. If I'm not wrong, by the time you returned from here, Chai Yiyun will definitely give you a present. But you must remember, those things must not be eaten. Afterwards, you can pretend that Cong'er had eaten them, and when that time comes, the pill I gave you will come in handy." Su Qingyan smiled, "Thereafter, we just need to wait."

"Then the fourth miss means to say...?"

"That's right, Chai Yiyun will think that you went to her yard and will definitely try to push the blame onto you. This time you can also take the care of the spies in your yard.

t towards her.

"Mother, is what you said really true?" Su Qingxue tightly clenched her fist. "I will definitely protect mother."

Deng Yan pulled Qingxue into her arms, "Xue'er, mother just wants you to live a happy life."

Su Qingxue looked with Deng Yan with a painful expression, "Mother, I will also help fourth sister. If fourth sister really can protect you, then I'm willing to walk by her."

"Silly child, these aren't things you should think about." Deng Yan said as she stroked her head, "Xue'er, I think from now on, only your fourth sister can protect you."

Qingxue listened to Deng Yan and nodded her head.

From now on, the only one she will follow after is her fourth sister, this way she can protect her.

Deng Yan looked to Qingxue, who was lost in thought, and stroked her head again, "Xue'er, you don't need to think too much about this matter, the fourth miss will take care of it."

"Mother, I actually also think that fourth sister has changed a lot. But I like the fourth sister now." Su Qingxue looked into her eyes and smiled happily.

"Ah!" Deng Yan smiled back.

The Su Qingyan now was definitely going to turn the entire Su manor on its head one day, but what does this have to do with her?

She simply doesn't care about the fate of the Su manor, nor does she care about the life and death of Su Yan. She just hoped that one day, she could personally extract her revenge.

Her revenge that was as deep as the sea.

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