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   Chapter 31 Conspiring I

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After Deng Yan returned to her yard, she thought about how she'd never imagine Su Qingyan becoming this aggressive, especially with that overwhelming demeanor.

If she had to describe it, it was probably like an innate overwhelming aura. But she had never sensed this kind of aura on the original Su Qingyan.

When Su Qingcong saw Deng Yan sitting there in deep thought, he walked over to her side and laid himself on her lap, "Mother, has fourth sister really changed?"

Deng Yan smiled at Qingcong, "Does Cong'er also think fourth sister is different from before?"

Su Qingcong looked to her and nodded.

In Su Qingcong's eyes, his fourth sister in the past was someone who was pompous and untouchable. In other words, she completely disregarded any concubine born children and looked down on them. Whether it was the children of the second house or third house, at that time she probably thought that aside from Su Qingyuan and Su Qingwen, she didn't have any other siblings.

But now, not only was fourth sister intimate with him, when he thought of what she said last time, he tightly clenched his fist. He definitely won't let fourth sister and mother down.

"Mother, do you think fourth sister is really cursed, which is why she's like that now?" Su Qingcong widened his glossy eyes at Deng Yan. "Else, why would fourth sister want to be close with me?"

"Does Cong'er also think fourth sister is cursed?" Deng Yan said as she stroked Qingcong's little head.

Su Qingcong listened to her and shook his head, "I don't believe fourth sister is cursed."

Deng Yan looked to Qingcong and contently nodded her head, "Of course, in this Su manor, everyone is ruthless. Your fourth sister couldn't help but to change."

Su Qingcong listened to Deng Yan and earnestly nodded, "That's right, that's why I still want to meet with fourth sister."

Before Deng Yan could say anything, the servant girl at the door called out, saying that Su Qingyan's maid, Zizhu, wanted to see her. Although Deng Yan didn't know why Zizhu wanted to see her, but thinkin

ul gaze, "What does fourth miss mean by that?"

"Yiniang, the fact that you know witchcraft, doesn't anyone else know?" Su Qingyan asked as she helped Deng Yan up.

Deng looked to Qingyan and nodded, "The madam knows, the master told her. But I've truly never used it to harm anyone." She pleaded as she tightly held on to Qingyan's hands. Then remembering her manners, she let go.

"Yiniang, I'm guessing that third aunt wants to take you out." Su Qingyan met Deng Yan's eyes and said with a serious look. She saw Deng Yan's confused look and continued to speak, "The incident with second aunt today, third aunt will definitely try to add fuel to this fire, and you are the best scapegoat for it."

That's because, witchcraft is deemed illegal in Donghe. If found out, you will be sentenced.

If Chai Yiyun could send both her and Deng Yan to prison this time, then she would definitely try to do everything in her power to prepare for it.

And this was exactly the result that Su Qingyan wanted.

Listening to Qingyan's words, Deng Yan took a few steps back, "But I've never done anything, why would madam try to get rid of me!" The terror showed through her tone, and she once again knelt to the floor, "Please save me fourth miss."

When Qingyan saw Deng Yan kneeling on the ground, she helped her up again, "Yiniang, I have a plan, do you want to know it?"

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