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   Chapter 30 Heavenly Reincarnation

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7831

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When Chai Yiyun returned to her yard, she was full of smiles. After all, she had originally went with the intention of watching something amusing anyways. Although, she didn't expect that it would end up such a joke. In the end, just how did Su Qingyan dodge this farce.

She discovered that ever since Su Qingyan woken up, she was really unlike before. Her original timidly self seems to have gone and never returned, and what replaced her was a never before seen sharpness and ruthlessness. It seems her attitude towards granny Ruo has also dropped to the bottom. Although Chai Yiyun knew that the second house was paying off granny Ruo this whole time, how could have Su Qingyan known that granny Ruo has betrayed her?

But speaking of which, just how many of the people left at the Yingshuang residence were their spies? Aside from hers and the second house's spies there, all those concubines and other wives definitely must have set up spies there as well. But would Su Qingyan really find the opportunity to clean those people out of her yard?

"Madam, you don't need to think too much about it. After all, there's still the second house that's willing to take care of her in our place." The servant girl replied with a smile, after seeing Chai Yiyun's pondering appearance. "That little nun is no match for the second house after all."

"You're wrong." Chai Yiyun laid back on the long couch and reluctantly shook her head, "With that farce today, did you really think that Su Qingyan would leave it as it is? I keep feeling that she has changed, but as to where, I can't quite say."

"Madam, are you saying that the fourth miss has turned into another person for real?"

Chai Yiyun looked to her and still reluctantly shook her head. Truthfully speaking, even she didn't know how to explain this matter. But she had a strange sense of fear in her heart, the kind that comes from nowhere. Especially today, when Su Qingyan was aggressively driving Ning Siyao into a corner.

At that time, she didn't think that Ning Siyao was lose that badly. Moreover, she never expected that Su Qingyan would have won so easily.

"You go and find me the second young miss."

The servant girl followed Chai Yiyun's orders and quickly called over Su Qingwen. Although, the first thing she did was let Su Qingwen relay to her everything that

the two nearby.

Qingdai stood up first, "Miss, my craftsmanship skill is better, does miss have a request?"

As Qingyan waved to her, Qingdai walked over to her side. She whispered something in a small voice into Qingdai's ears. After hearing everything, Qingdai repeatedly nodded her head and set out on her task.

"Miss, why are you being so mysterious, just what in the world happened?" Baizhi, seeing Qingyan like that, couldn't help but to ask, "Perhaps miss is also going to keep it from us."

"Didn't I already say that we needed to clean out some people from our yard? Right now is the perfect time to clean them out!" Su Qingyan smiled as she said this. "Huangcen, head over to the slave broker tomorrow and buy a few orderly girls so we'll have them ready when the time comes. Remember, you need to pick girls that have a clean price, best if they have something they're good at. I don't want to raise any freeloaders in our yard. In case when the time comes they become a bunch of ingrates and betray us." She glanced out the window as she said this.

Although Baizhi, Huangcen, and Lue couldn't sense anyone outside, Chishao whose martial art skills were a bit better than them, had already sensed there was someone out there. Even if Qingyan didn't mention it, she knew that Qingyan had also noticed them too, that's why she'd said what she said.

"Miss, I'll head over to the slave broker tomorrow and find some girls with clean backgrounds." Huangcen said this as she confidently patted her chest, "I won't let miss be disappointed."

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