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   Chapter 29 Divine Retribution

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Naturally, Priest Yan didn't understand the meaning behind Qingyan's words. But when he looked into Qingyan's eyes, he saw that her eyes were filled with hatred. However, in his memories, he seems to not remember ever making an enemy of this lady. So just where in the world did the hatred in her eyes come from.

Su Qingyan walked towards Priest Yan step by step with a gentle smile on her face.

"Priest Yan, do you believe in karma?" Su Qingyan walked before him smiling brightly, "I remember that you once said, 'the demon Empress will bring calamity to the people and should be put to death', unsure if Priest Yan still remembers what you'd said then."

When Priest Yan heard Qingyan say this, he fell to the ground at once. He pointed at her while trembling, "Who are you? Just who in the world are you?"

"I'm the Su manor's fourth young miss. Priest Yan didn't you clearly know this?" Su Qingyan replied still with a smile, "Didn't second aunt already tell you everything about me?"

Her smiling face looked as if she was demon that came from hell. As Qingyan closed in on him, Priest Yan was forced to back away from her as he crawled backwards on the ground.

Looking at the man before her, Qingyan had a grin on her face, "How could I have a grudge against Priest Yan? I was just helping Priest Yan recall past memories." With that said, she grabbed his neck, "Say, shouldn't a sinful person be thrown to hell?"

As Su Qingyan tightened her grip even more, Priest Yan began to go pale. But in her eyes, none of this mattered; to her Priest Yan was nothing more than a toy at this moment.

She'd once suffered a tragic death at his hands.

"Che, to let you die like this, is a bit boring." Su Qingyan let go of her hand in disdain, and Priest Yan heavily gasped for air.

But suddenly, she forced open his mouth and shoved a pill in.

That Priest looked to Qingyan and horrifyingly shook his head, "What did you feed me?"

Su Qingyan titled her head as she looked to

tural that granny Ruo would be sad over losing her grandsons." Wei mama charmingly replied. "Although I'm quite curious as to who could kill granny Ruo's grandson like such without a trace."

"What does granny Ruo's dead grandsons have anything to do with me? I want to know just when does she plan on finishing her task that I assigned. You have to know, I'm still waiting on her to come back to kill that brat for me."

"Madam, rest assure! That brat definitely isn't a match for madam. Dying at madam's hands is something that will happen sooner or later."

"Naturally!" Ning Siyao sighed, "In any case, we must finish off Su Qingyan before the talent conference!"

"Madam, I don't think that's a good idea." Wei mama looked to Ning Siyao respectfully, "If the fourth brat is taken out before the talent conference, then during the pageant the first miss won't be able to shine. After all, she has always been acting as foil to the first miss."

Ning Siyao thought over what Wei mama said and felt what she said made sense. If Su Qingyan was killed before the pageant, then who will act as a foil to her daughter. It's better to destroy her after the pageant!

Ning Siyao nodded in agreement, "Wei mama is right, I didn't consider this."

Su Qingyan, I'll just let you gloat for a little longer. Then, we'll see.

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