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   Chapter 28 Exorcism II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7676

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Although Su Jiashi didn't agree with Ning Siyao's proposal, this was still for the good of Su manor. Regardless of how much she liked Qingyan, she couldn't ruin the honor and prosperity of the entire Su manor for the sake of Su Qingyan alone.

Su Jiashi glanced to the smiling Qingyan. For the first time, she felt that this granddaughter before her, she didn't really understand all that much; or in other words, she didn't understand her at all.

This granddaughter in the past would only ever stubbornly try to escape, sometimes she even felt that Su Qingyan wasn't really Su Yun's real daughter. Else why was Su Qingyu that outstanding, when Qingyan appeared so unbearably rough.

But looking at it now, this young granddaughter of hers really was the daughter of a General.

Ning Siyao very quickly invited over the so called Taoist priest. Unfortunately, this priest Qingyan knew very well, because this was precisely the priest that once framed her as the 'Demon Empress'. Seems like he was going to use the same method again this time.

Heh. Qingyan coldly sneered in her head.

Did he really think that he could use the same method to frame her as the country destroying 'Demon Queen' again. Oh. No, 'demoness' was it?

Although she was quite looking forward to seeing what kind of stories this Taoist priest would come up with to fool this old lady.

Qingyan leisurely twisted the jade ring on her ring finger.

"Greetings old madam." When Priest Yan looked to Su Jiashi he politely spoke, "While I was coincidently passing by, I noticed that there was something amidst about the manor, thus came to see. And to my surprise, I discovered that this manor had a heavy demon aura."

Su Jiashi look to the Taoist priest before her clad in a yellow priest attire and speaking in full confidence, but even so she still didn't trust what he said much.

Noticing the uncertainty in Su Jiashi, the priest continued, "Some time ago, the Su fourth miss once fell into the pond, and after waking, her personality changed drastically. Am I correct?" As he said this he directed his gaze towards Su Qingyan that was sitting next to her.

Chai Yiyun seemed to have immediately understood what the priest meant and faced him with a smile, "That's right, after that fourth miss woke up

that when Qilian Qingyi had asked him to frame the previous Empress as a demoness that things would end up like this. Despite managing to escape with the help of Qilian Qingyi, the whole journey was rough, and he had long used up all his money.

That's why, that day when that young man found him, he agreed to it without even thinking. Plus, the reward was quite significant.

But who knew that he would actually meet his demise!

"So it turns out that this priest is just a swindling liar, oh my." Su Qingyan purposely said in a regretful tone, "And here I thought, Priest Yan would be able to see my true form."

Listening to Qingyan's words, Murong Jingxuan grinned, "If the fourth miss is a monster, then the entire Su manor would definitely be a human devouring den. Else how could Miss Su end up like this today."

How could Su Jiashi not noticed the real meaning behind Murong Jingxuan's words. The people of the Su manor were all undoubtedly eyeing Qingyan like a prey; there were even some that wanted to kill her. Unfortunately, she was getting old and didn't have the power to protect Qingyan. But looking at her now, even if it's a hundred years from now, she would have no regrets.

"Thank you, Shizi for saving me. Else, even if I was to jump into the Yellow river, I still wouldn't be able to wash away my sins." Su Qingyan looked into Murong Jingxuan's eyes with a smile. Soon after, she looked towards the Taoist priest, her tone abruptly turning ice cold, "I wonder if Priest Yan believes in karma?"

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