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   Chapter 27 Exorcism I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7375

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Seeing Su Qingyan's amused appearance, Huangcen relayed to Qingyan what she had just heard from Qingdai. Although when she spoke, she added a lot of vivid details, making the original, difficult to understand, matters sound more dramatic.

As Qingyan listened, even she found it amusing.

Qingyan, after listening to Huangcen's words, roughly understood what Ning Siyao was planning to do, "Zizhu, no need to prepare the things for school today anymore."

With Ning Siyao having stirred up such troubles, how could she still peacefully go to school now?

Heh, though this was also quite interesting.

"Miss, are you not going to school today?" Seeing Qingyan's carefree manner, Zizhu couldn't help but to frown. "What does the first miss getting cursed have anything to do with us?"

Su Qingyan shook her head, "Ning Siyao made such a scene precisely because she doesn't want me to go to school. That previous incident with Wei Yun, who knew how Qingyuan explained that situation to her. Did you think..." She picked up the tea cup and gently to a sip, "Ning Siyao would really let it rest?"

"Miss, what do you think the second house is actually planning?" Baizhi looked to Qingyan and asked curiously, "Although, from the looks of it, the second house probably won't let you off the hook easily."

"Baizhi is right, the people of the second house is always slandering our miss." Lue, who was standing to the side, spoke out in discontent.

"Miss, according to my knowledge, the second house has already taken their young miss to Meixiangyuan. Probably hoping for the old madam to take their side." Chishao walked in and said as she looked to Qingyan respectfully.

Right as Chishao finished speaking, Juanxiang's voice sounded, "Fourth miss, the old madam has sent me to bring you to her yard."

Hearing Juanxiang's words, Su Qingyan grinned. She glanced to her side at Zizhu and spoke, "Zizhu, let's go."

Su Qingyan followed along next to Juanxiang, listening to her explain the situation. However, these things she had already just heard from Huangcen. Although hearing it from Juanxiang made it seem like it was another matter altogether.

Seems like Ning Siyao's ability to bend

ent that day, she was obviously trying to make the matter worse by adding fuel to the fire. She wanted to drive Su Qingyan out of the Su manor, but who knew that bitch would retort like that. This made Su Qingwen lose her footing.

"Mother-in-law, Wenwen is just a child, perhaps she was just startled by what happened that day; that's why she said that." Chai Yiyun, seeing Su Qingwen's confused manner, could only inwardly curse Qingyan.

"That's right." Su Qingyan smiled, "If there isn't substantial evidence, even I can report to the capital's magistrate. After all the capital's magistrate's Lord Wu has always been known to be righteous. I believe when the time comes, he will definitely prove my innocence."

When Deng Yan heard this from Qingyan, she instinctively smiled. This fourth young miss truly has become different than before. Not only has she matured, but has even become sharp with her words. If it was like in the past, she probably would've already been kicked out of Su manor.

"With that said, does second aunt still insist that I'm the one that harmed big sister?" Su Qingyan looked up to Ning Siyao with an obvious smile.

Seeing Su Qingyan's calm and composed demeanor, Ning Siyao was secretly shocked. She really didn't think that this little girl would drive her into a corner like his, but she still haven't lost yet. She looked to Qingyan and slowly said, "Then let me bring in that Taoist priest, then we'll know of the details."

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