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   Chapter 26 Sleep Talk

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7409

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In order to check on Su Qingyan's situation, after taking care of everything, Murong Jingxuan returned once more to the Yingshuang residence.

As he watched the sleeping Qingyan on the bed, he felt a tinge of pain resonated in his chest. He had always been paying attention to this girl before him.

She was the laughing stock of Diqiu to the people that lived within its walls, arrogant and prideful, utterly mannerless. Even he had a hard time seeing the young girl that saved him many years ago in her.

The little girl that had saved him many years ago, despite having unintentionally saved him, was filled with such warmth.

Deep in the forest in the dead of night, a 14 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. At that moment, he thought how nice it would be to return to that time.

As for her, since when did she become so condescending.

The girl in his memories loved to smile and had carried such an innocent and pure smile. Even in the forest, she was able to warmly care for him.

Why did the things he remembered, she had completely forgotten?

Was it because she was always suffering, that she end up like this? To use any means necessary in order to achieve her goal.

Everything that had happened until now, he was unable to imagine.

"Qilian Qingyi, even if I were to fall to hell, I will drag you along to accompany me." Two rows of tears fell along Su Qingyan's cheeks.

As he listened to her sleep talk, Murong Jingxuan furrowed his brows.

Qilian Qingyi? Wasn't that the true name of the current Empress of Nanchen? But, how could she, a daughter of a simple general, know her true name?

"Weisheng Junyan, I vowed by my name, Qilian Qingyan, that from now on you and I, have nothing to do with one another."

Weisheng Junyan? Wasn't that the current Emperor of Nanchen's name, and just how did she learn of this?

All in all, what is the meaning behind all this?

"Qilian Qingyi, I curse you, curse you to never obtain Weisheng Junyan's heart for all of eternity. Not only you, but also your son. I curse you to be torn from limb to limb, and your son slowly devour to death by a thousand insects."

Murong Jingxuan listened to her sleep talk as his brows tightened into

seems to be class at Bogu Hall today?"

"Then I'll have it as you've said, Zizhu go prepare my things for school today. I'll have Qingdai and Chishao accompany me to school today." Su Qingyan looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled.

"Alright, and the snacks that Huangcen prepared for young miss has already been prepared. Today she prepared miss's favorite red bean cakes."

Su Qingyan stood up and looked to Baizhi, "I know you all are the best, don't let anyone bully you here."

Baizhi looked to Qingyan with a smile and replied laughing, "Don't worry, ever since our yard started raising those unnoticedable little ones, many people don't even dare to approach us."

Listening to Baizhi's words, Su Qingyan smirked. Although this was something she expected, she worried that someone would try to stir up trouble because of this.

Since it has been quite for this long, it seems the second house and third house should have started to make a move.

As for what interesting things will occur, she was looking forward to it more than anyone else.

"Miss, for breakfast this morning, I prepared polished rice porridge." Huangcen said as she came in with the food, "I just heard from Qingdai that the first young miss seems to be suffering from some curse, so the madam has been looking for someone to drive out the evil spirits and repel ghosts."

"Oh!" Su Qingyan raised her brows as she ate her porridge, "What has Su Qingyuan been cursed with?"

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