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   Chapter 25 Seven Toxin Five Flower

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Murong Jingxuan originally wanted to carry her into the room, but she shook her head, "Shizi, why don't you send me back to the Su manor. If Shizi can find for me the seven toxins, that would be great."

Seeing her pale white appearance, he felt a tinge of pain in his chest. Stroking her hair, he said in a gentle voice, "Don't worry, I will definitely find for you those seven toxins."

Su Qingyan bowed to him, "I'm grateful to Shizi."

Murong Jingxuan, unable to persuade her, could only bring her back to her Yingshuangyuan at the Su manor.

When Zizhu saw this, thinking that Murong Jingxuan was some ruffian, she directly started to hit him with a broom. Su Qingyan weakly opened her eyes, "Zizhu, you have to know this is presently his Highness Shizi, how could you be so rash?"

When Zizhu heard this she immediately threw away the broom in her hand. She walked up next to Qingyan and pitifully said, "Miss where have you been, how did you become so ill like this?"

"The poison from before is acting up again." Su Qingyan dully replied as she leaned against Zizhu, whispering into her ear.

The fact that she was poisoned, although it didn't looked like it was caused by the second and third house, deep down she still didn't trust them. That's why, she can't let the other two houses find out she was poisoned.

"Thank you for your troubles Shizi. I'll go and rest first." Su Qingyan said this as Baizhi helped her into the room.

After taking a glance, Murong Jingxuan also turned and left.

"Miss, should I go call for Lue? From the looks of it, the poison in your body seems to be getting increasingly more severe." Baizhi looked to Qingyan, full of concern.

"Before coming back, Shizi already gave me some medicine, there's no need to worry for now." Qingyan said as she let out a heavy sigh.

"Miss was fine before, how did she become like this? It really makes one quite distressed." Baizhi covered her mouth with tears close to rolling out of her eyes. Her appearance made Qingyan raise her hand and gently stroke her head, "Baizhi, for now I'm fine, no need to worry."

"Miss, Miss, outside there's two girls that say they're here to take care of young miss." Huangcen's voice came from outside the door.

Fengqing probably having heard something, called out from the air, "Miss, they are the servants

hing appeared in Su Qingyan's mind. She tightly gripped the side of her bed, as if no matter what, she couldn't escape from the nightmare.


Meanwhile, Murong Jingxuan, who had returned to his own manor, was still feeling remorse over his earlier conduct. He turned to Chonglou next to him and called out in a cold voice, "Chonglou, the seven toxin five flower poison is which seven creatures?"

"The so called seven toxins, is made up of the toxins from the seven colored lingyun snake, ghost ringed scorpion, silver centipede, ice cicada, red spider, blue tailed lizard, and the gold silkworm. And within our country, aside from the ghost ringed scorpion, of the remaining 6 creatures, the seven colored lingyun snake and silver centipede are within the borders of Nanchen; the red spider and ice cicada are raised in within the borders of Xiyue. As for the blue tailed lizard and gold silkworm, they exist in Beilin." Chonglou respectfully answered Murong Jingxuan.

Listening to Chonglou's words, Murong Jingxuan replied still in a cold voice, "Fengluo, contact our people within the other three countries. They must find me these creatures within 3 months."

"I understand."

"Chonglou, I'll leave this matter to you to take care of. I still need to go to the palace tonight; the incident at Bogu hall has given the old Emperor a headache. And the following talent conferencet is also a way for the other princes to choose their bride." Murong Jingxuan thought of what Xuanyuan Yuzhen had said rubbed his temples.

"I understand."

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