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   Chapter 23 Ghost Ring I

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Murong Jingxuan stared at Su Qingyan before him, but he didn't know how to express his current mood. Just a while ago, he was still clearly angry at her for harming herself, yet now because of what she said, he couldn't help but to smile.

"How do you want to prove to me?" Murong Jingxuan raised his eyebrow at her; that frivolous appearance of his made Qingyan furrow her brows.

"Is Shizi interested?" Qingyan narrowed her eyes at him like a mischievous fox, "Then I must really trouble Shizi. Since I don't know martial arts, perhaps Shizi can take me towards Yu village in the outskirts." Qingyan lifted the corner of her lips and said in a serious tone.

Murong Jingxuan stared at Su Qingyan speechlessly for a moment, and just when she was about to give up, he lifted her delicate body at once and flew out the window.

When Fengqing saw this, he discreetly followed after Murong Jingxuan. However, he maintained a 'hands-off*' attitude. As for what will happen between the two people in front of him, he wasn't the least bit interested in knowing about it.

(*TN: The original phrase comes from 'The Analects of Confucius' meaning: things that don't conform to the Confucius code of ethics don't watch)

Fengqing didn't expect that Su Qingyan would know where granny Ruo's two sons lived. Although it should have been expected, since only one family in the entire Yu village was arranging a funeral. Even without thinking about it, you would know which house granny Ruo's sons lived in.

Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan in his arms and said with a smile, "The village is currently conducting a funeral, let's see how you'll make that scorpion follow your orders."

"Oh, is that so?" Su Qingyan didn't bother to look at Murong Jingxuan's doubtful expression. Instead, after squatting down, she placed her hand onto the ground, and the scorpion quickly appeared on the grass field, "Youling, the two brothers that are conducting the funeral over there will be your meal for today."

As if receiving an order, the scorpion quickly disappeared before their eyes. Su Qingyan tilted her head up to look towards Murong Jingxuan and confidently said, "Shizi, in less than three days, those brothers will definitely perish."

"How could a man of character be so vicious? In any

ou, come in with me." Murong Jingxuan coldly called out to the man in white behind him.

Chonglou couldn't help but to tremble. The temperature surrounding his master seemed to have dropped quite a bit. Could it be that someone injured the girl in his arms? But why did this girl look so familiar, just where did he see her before?

"Why are you still out there?" Murong Jingxuan's voice once again sounded. Chonglou didn't have the luxury to ponder and could only rush into the room.

"Hurry and check what's wrong with her, is she poisoned?" Murong Jingxuan pointed to Su Qingyan, who was lying on the bed, and said in a cold voice.

"I understand." Chonglou brought out a single handkerchief and placed it upon Qingyan's wrist. A perpetual frown hung on his face, and after awhile, he habitually placed her arm back under the blankets.

"Chonglou, how's her situation? How can the scorpion poison in her body be removed?" Murong Jingxuan walked before him and said, still in a ice cold tone.

"Your Highness, while this lady is poisoned, it's not scorpion poison. According to my knowledge, she's had this poison since she was in her mother's womb." Chonglou replied in a serious manner, "And it seems this lady very much understands this, or else she wouldn't have used another poison to counter it."

"Another poison to counter it?" Murong Jingxuan raised his head to look towards Chonglou, his tone not as cold as before, "Are you saying that the scorpion poison is suppressing the other poison in her body?"

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