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   Chapter 22 The Wickedness of a Human Heart II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6874

Updated: 2018-06-06 16:33

The most painful thing in the world is when you give your all for another, they still conspire in every possible way to put you to death.

But no matter what, granny Ruo will never expect that it was Su Qingyan controlling everything behind the scenes.

When Fengqing was telling Qingyan what had happened, she was in the middle of feeding Yaoyao. That appearance of hers made him think that for Su Qingyan, granny Ruo was nothing but a stranger.

"Miss, you don't appear to be surprised at all with the matter regarding granny Ruo." Zizhu looked to Qingyan with a smile, "That old servant was only taking advantage of the fact that miss drank some of her milk and completely disregarded the young miss."

Heh. Qingyan laughed coldly.

"Zizhu, you know, granny Ruo won't think that I killed her grandsons. Instead, the one that will be taking the blame in my place will the second house." Qingyan said this with a grin.

"Fengqing." Qingyan called out his name.

Fengqing immediately appeared before her in the next second, "Miss, what do you need?"

"Can you kill someone for me?" Qingyan said this as she calmly drank her tea.

"Perhaps it's that old servant's whole family?"

"How smart, it's best if you can also push the blame onto the second house. This way, the second house will definitely be responsible for these two incidences. As for granny Ruo?" Qingyan stroked her chin in a playful manner, "Leave that old servant for now. After all, I still need her to complete the trap against the second house. When the times comes, we can just have the second house kill her in our place."

The malicious aura emitting from Qingyan's body made Fengqing think of his own master. However, what was different from his own master's was that Qingyan's seemed as if came from the pits of hell. As long as she grabbed on to someone's lifeline, she will definitely pull them into the endless abyss.

"I understand, I'll go take care of it right away."

Just when Fengqing was about to leave, Qingyan stopped him, "Never mind, regarding this

Who said I had anything against the Su family?"

Qingyan smirked, "Then would Shizi be so kind to help me destroy the Su manor."

Murong Jingxuan was conflicted. He coldly tossed her her hand aside, "To not know my kindness."

Qingyan, no longer minding Murong Jingxuan, slit her wrist. The blood slowly dripped down her wrist, and seeing this, the scorpion slowly start to drink up the blood.

"Since I've drank your blood, from now on you're my master." Saying this, the scorpion bit her.

Su Qingyan smiled, "Naturally, soon I'll get you a great gift." She extended her arm, and the scorpion crawled up her arm, disappearing shortly.

"Shizi, why haven't you left yet?" Qingyan looked up towards the purple clad young man on he window sill.

Furrowing his brows, he replied in a cold voice, "When the time comes, you won't even know how you've died."

Su Qingyan filled the teacup with water and threw it to him, "Shizi, you have to know that once it becomes mine, it won't harm me."

"Che, baseless words. Why should I believe you?" Murong Jingxuan look to her in discontent. Just thinking of Su Qingyan's behavior earlier, he could only bitterly smile.

She look to the spot the scorpion bit earlier. When she look towards Murong Jingxuan again, she smiled, "Shizi, why don't I prove to you that this ghost ringed scorpion has become my servant?"

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