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   Chapter 21 The Wickedness of a Human Heart I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7138

Updated: 2018-06-05 17:47

As soon as granny Ruo returned home, she saw her son by her grandson's bed. When her elder son saw her, he walked up to her and shook his head, "Mother, Dabao and Xiaobao won't make it; the doctor said that they were poisoned by white arsenic, and by a large amount of it."

Hearing her son say this, granny Ruo was extremely confused. Why did her two grandsons get poisoned out of no where? Not only that, but poisoned at the same time.

Granny Ruo walked up next to the bed and looked at the two children on the bed whose body's were gradually growing cold. She cried out, "My poor babies, how did such a thing happen?"

"Cuihong, why don't you tell mother everything that had happened recently. My younger brother and I were working outside the whole time, and so we don't really know the specifics either." Dahai looked to the woman next to him and said gently, even patting her on the shoulders.

Cuiliu glanced at Cuihong and stepped forward, even putting the pastries from the basket before granny Ruo. "Some time ago, someone placed the food in this basket before us. We saw that the pastries in this basket were very delicate, so we took them out and ate them. But who knew something like this would happen."

When granny turned to look at the pastries from the basket, she fell onto the ground at once.

She seemed to be mumbling that it was impossible, and that this was definitely something that couldn't have happened. This basket of pastries was clearly the one she gave to Su Qingyan, so why was it sent here to her grandsons?

"Mother, what's wrong? Did something happen?" When Dahai walked up to granny Ruo to help her up, she shook her head.

"Did you ever see the visitor's appearance? Was it a girl?" Granny Ruo said quietly, lowering her voice as much as she could.

Before today, Su Qingyan didn't even know that she had two sons here, so how could she suddenly set out to kill her grandsons? It definitely couldn't have been Su Qingyan.

"Mother, didn't I just say so earlier. After we woke, it was already on the window sill. We saw that they looked delicious and decided to eat them." Cuiliu repl

ke this?" Xiaohai seeing Cuiliu's fallen body, lashed out at granny Ruo in a stern voice.

"Brother, you shouldn't reprimand mother like that." Dahai tried to persuade his emotional younger brother, "Mother is also a victim in this matter. What we need to do now is to find the culprit and report them to the authorities."

Granny Ruo listened to her son and immediately tried to stop him, "Don't cause a huge fuss over this, things aren't as simple as you think they are."

Listening to granny Ruo's words, a despairing expression slowly started to surface on Dahai's face, "Mother, just what did you think of our children?"

Listening to Dahai's words, granny Ruo reluctantly shook her head. In the end, she couldn't help but to tell the truth, "You want to know who the culprit is? That culprit is me! I've singlehandedly killed my own grandsons."

Hearing her say this, her two sons widened their eyes. How could it be their own mother that killed their sons, something must have happened?

"Mother, just what in the world happened? How could you have killed Dabao and Erbao!" Dahai walked up next to her and shook her as he asked, "They're your grandchildren, why did you kill them, why?!"

"Dahai, listen to me, I didn't do it on purpose. These pastries were originally for the Su's fourth miss, but who knew it would end up like this. You have to believe your mother, I really didn't mean to kill them!"

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