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   Chapter 20 Fated Opportunity II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7308

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When Su Qing looked to the cobra, her eyes reflected a happiness that others could not detect. It was as if coiled around her arm wasn't a cobra but just an ordinary accessory.

"I summoned you all here today in order to help me with one thing." Qingyan looked to them as her clear and hollow voice sounded. This voice seemed to be different from her usual voice, but as to where, it was difficult to say.

"What does miss need our help with?" The cobra looked to Qingyan, flicking its tongue. And all the snakes behind it all flicked their tongues too, as if they were responding to the cobra's message.

"Help me by concealing yourselves in everyone courtyard in this manor, alright?" Su Qingyan look to them still in a nonchalant manner, as if she was fully confident in controlling them.

As if receiving an order, all the snakes charged out. And in no time, only the cobra remained, still coiled around Qingyan's arm.

"How about you stay by my side from now on?" Qingyan glanced at the cobra on her arm and gently said, "Aside from the four girls in my yard, I don't trust anyone else. If all you little ones can keep me company, then even if its just to cheer me up, I would be very pleased."

"It's my honor to serve you." The cobra hissed with its long tongue, as if responding to her affections.

"Fengqing, thank his Highness Shizi for me. If he needs anything in the future, then I, Su Qingyan, will return the favor." Qingyan glanced at Fengqing before turning around to return to her room.

When the cobra followed Qingyan back to her room, it saw a fox on the window sill and a golden ringed snake next to it.

"From now on they will be your comrades. Also the python on the pillar outside will be your companion too.

The cobra once again flicked its tongue at Qingyan, then it slithered up onto the window sill and curled itself into a ball, minding its own business.

Fengqing observed everything that had happened. If his master, Shizi, wasn't also well versed in the language of snakes, then he would have probably thought that Su Qingyan was insane to be talking to snakes like that. But then he also saw a small fox in Qingyan's room. Looking at it

was the largest information network within the four countries. It is said that it contains the most complete collection of information. At that time, in order to help Weisheng Junyan secure the throne, she had expended all her methods. It's such a shame that these information were used by him, although it wasn't a bad thing.

Su Qingyan wrote at a fast pace; she simultaneously recalled and wrote down the information. Everything that she could remember, she made it appear before her eyes. In the end, she smiled at the filled pages before her. Although they weren't the most detailed, but she still could remember this much.

If only should could get a piece of blood jade and make a flute from it, then even as Su Qingyan, she could have control over the 'Pavilion of Thousand Beasts'.

But most importantly: where could she get the rare blood jade?

"Fengqing." Su Qingyan called out the window.

Fengqing hung from the roof and looked to Qingyan, "What does miss need?"

If Murong Jingxuan were to go look for the blood jade, then he would definitely suspect her identity. Thinking of this, Su Qingyan shook her head and waved her hand at Fengqing, "Nothing."

Fengqing look to Qingyan and shrugged his shoulders. She clearly looked like she had something to say, but why did she suddenly not want to say it?

Su Qingyan set the thing she wrote to the side. She leaned on her desk with one hand and closed her eyes, resting for a bit.

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