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   Chapter 19 Fated Opportunity I

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By the time she returned to the Su manor it was already evening. Everything that had happened today very quickly entered the ears of Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun, but this was just the result she was looking for.

After returning to Yingshuangyuan, Yaoyao, who had picked up her scent, jumped into her arms. It look to her with its round glossy eyes.

"Zizhu, did the young miss encounter anything bad at school today?" Baizhi worriedly asked. Reminded of Qingyan's past experiences, Baizhi lightly sighed, "Our miss is still too nice."

Zizhu look to Baizhi and shook her head. Although they were outside and couldn't see what had happened inside, they could still hear the gossips.

For example, Cui Hanqun wasn't able to Qingyan embarrass in front of others, but rather was sneered at himself; or when Wei Yun tried to bully Qingyan, but ended up poisoned.

In the end, Su Qingyan did become different from before. If it was like in the past, Qingyan definitely wouldn't have acted so easy going and calm like today.

"Lue anything is fine for tonight. In a bit, I want to properly finish the assignment teacher Mo assigned." Saying that, Qingyan sat in front of her desk. The little fox was also set aside, although its waving tail looked as if it was driving the bugs away for Qingyan.

After hearing Qingyan's request, Lue replied in a small voice.

Because they understood Su Qingyan's personality well, they felt that the current Su Qingyan wasn't the arrogant and crude Su fourth miss they knew previously.

Su Qingyan flipped open the last assignment Mo Hen assigned. This kind of problem for the Su Qingyan in the past was definitely a challenge, but for her, she wasn't the Empress for 10 years for nothing.

Qingyan pondered for a moment, then quickly wrote out an extensive answer on the paper.

After she finished writing, she realized that she hadn't had dinner yet. She tiredly let out a yawn and gently called out, "Zizhu, why did you not know to call me for dinner?"

Upon hearing Qingyan's voice, Zizhu smilingly pushed open the door with freshly made mushroom and chicken congee and a plate of marinated spicy cabbage.

"Miss, it's not that I didn't call for you, it's just that miss was too focused and didn't hear me knocking


"Take me to see." Su Qingyan said as she smiled at Fengqing.

Su Qingyan followed Fengqing to an unused storage room. Inside, there were seven to eight red wooden cases, and next to each wooden case stood four men in black.

"Open them." Su Qingyan looked to them and said in a causal tone.

Upon hearing the order, the men in black opened the wooden cases, and from within the wooden cases came various poisonous snakes. Seeing them, the men in black all backed away, as if they would without a doubt perish if they went near the snakes.

"You all can head back now. Obviously, I'll be taking care of these poisonous snakes." Su Qingyan waved her hand at them to dismiss them.

She knew that although these snakes were different in species, they all carried deadly venom. Perhaps, with just one bite from a certain snake, you'll immediately be killed.

Those snakes, as if seeing an opportunity when they saw Su Qingyan, all rushed towards her. But a single action from Su Qingyan made them all stop in their tracks.

Erecting a finger to her lips, those snakes all quiet down. They even neatly lined themselves up in order according to their toxicity.

"Little ones, I'm very happy to meet you all." As she said this she extended her arm out to a cobra. Just when Fengqing thought that the cobra would bite her, it instead obediently coiled itself onto her arm. It appeared to be rubbing itself against her. Thereafter, it flicked out its long tongue as if it was expressing something.

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