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   Chapter 18 The Present at School IV

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Listening to Qingyan, Wei Yun still wanted to slap her, but she could only feel the concentrated pain in her palm.

When she opened her hand, she saw that her palm was completely dark purple. This was an obvious indication of poisoning.

Wei Yun looked to Qingyan and screamed, "Su Qingyan what did you do to me!!"

Su Qingyan quickly glanced over the audience and looked back to Wei Yun, "Just now, it was obviously you that came looking for me, I didn't do anything."

Du Yulin, with both arms crossed, sneered at Qingyan, "I really didn't think that the great Su manor fourth miss would use such a despicable trick." She turned her gaze back to Su Qingyuan next to her, "Yuan'er, sure didn't expect that your fourth sister knew this kind of witchcraft."

Su Qingyuan disappointedly shook her head, "I never thought that fourth sister was this kind of person either." However, her tone reflected her eagerness to rejoice at other's misfortunes.

"What happened here?"

A gentle voice sounded. When everyone turned their head, they saw a man clad in black heading towards them. And he was precisely this lecture's teacher–Mo Hen.

Before Mo Hen could even speak up again, Wei Yun's voice sounded once more. She hid behind Mo Hen and pitifully said, "Teacher Mo you've come at the right time, Su Qingyan is trying to kill me, look." As she said this, she earnestly showed Mo Hen her dark purple palm.

Su Qingyan looked to Mo Hen carrying a faint smile; her clearcut voice sounded, "Teacher Mo, earlier it was Miss Wei that came to bother me first, if you say that it was I that poisoned her, then you need to bring out some evidence."

Su Qingyan's overbearing appearance made Mo Hen furrow his brows. In his memory, Su's fourth miss, although unable to keep up with lectures and was Bogu Hall's laughing stock, but she always had a cowardly demeanor. When did she become this aggressive?

Before Mo Hen could even mediate the conflict between the two, her voice entered his ears once again, "Teacher Mo, aside from this bracelet, I don't have anything on me. I'm completely empty handed."

Qingyan with a smile of confidence, shocked everyone in the audience. When did Su Qingyan become like this?


in front of many others. He even once thought of why a great general like Su Yun would have a daughter like that.

The second time he met Su Qingyan was at the Talent Conference last year. And again, she made a fool of herself. Not only embarrassing herself in front of the Princes, she even made the Su Manor lose face.

And now this was their third meeting, yet this kind of feeling surfaced in him. As if she was a dignified and noble Empress, her gaze was like that of the deceased Qilian Qingyan.

"Xiu Ran, now do you believe what I said?" Jingxuan triumphantly smiled at Xiu Ran, who was lost in thought, "It's as if the former Su Qingyan no longer existed."

"Jingxuan, how could a person have this great of a change?" Xiu Ran looked to him and asked the doubt in his heart.

Jingxuan rested his hands to the back of his head, "It's probably caused by her falling into the water a few days ago. Perhaps she hit her head and was suddenly enlightened."

Xiu Ran listened to his vague deduction and struck him over the head with his fan, "I'm being serious with you here!"

Jingxuan casually tossed a grape from the nearby bowl into his mouth, "But this was exactly what had happened according to Fengluo's investigation, what can I do about it?"

Listening to his reply, Xiu Ran drowned himself in thought again. He was curious too. Just what in the world happened, to have enable someone to change so drastically, could it really be just because of the accident?

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