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   Chapter 16 The Present at School II

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In Qingyan's mind, she clearly understood that in this kind of situation, no one was going to give up the opportunity to get into good favors with Su Qingyuan, and as for who, when Qingyan thought of this the corner of mouth curled up.

After scanning the crowd with her eyes, she set her sight back on the textbook. In her former life as Qilian Qingyan, she was one of Nanchen's greatest female talents; not only excelling in the four arts, but even horseback riding and archery weren't a problem for her.

Su Qingyan glanced at Cui Hanqun, who was heading towards her. She knew that this Cui Hanqun was Donghe's Minister of Justice's younger son.

According to Zizhu, this Cui Hanqun was regarded as Bogu Hall's number one little tyrant. And since the one he liked the most was Su Qingyuan, he probably wanted to use this opportunity to show off to her.

"Hey, I heard that you were seducing men, because you couldn't handle the loneliness." Cui Hanqun walked up next to her and said while looking down on her.

Qingyan flipped through her book without even sparing a glance at Cui Hanqun's face. Instead she lightly said, "Oh, I didn't expect that young master Cui would know something this secretive."

Seeing Qingyan talking to him so nonchalantly, he spoke out in discontent, "Am I not wrong?" As he spoke, he lifted her by the collar, "Su Qingyan, what do you mean by that?"

Although Su Qingyan is already 14, her shriveled body could still be easily lifted by this chubby brat.

Cui Hanqun originally just wanted to have Qingyan yield to him, but instead he kept hearing her nonchalant voice enter his ears, "Young master Cui, my father is the current Dingguo General. What do you think will happen to you, if you try to kill me now?"

Reluctantly, Cui Hanqun could only put down Su Qingyan. After all, if he tried to kill her now, it'll be difficult to explain when he goes home later.

When the crowd saw this scene, no one was concerned. Furthermore, no one even came forward to help out Su Qingyan. In their eyes, Su Qingyan was just the laughing stock of Bogu Hall.

However, before the crowd could even react, Cui Hanqun, who was originally standing, had knelt down all of sudden. That appearance of his, with his legs up to the sky, caused the whole room to

iot young miss?

Although he did hear his mother mention in a letter once that her dearest friend, the former Empress of Nanchen, Qilian Qingyan not only could speak the language of beasts, but could also control all animals. Most importantly, the tune of [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] was composed by her.

Moreover, she also could captivate an entire country with her [Qingcheng* Dance]

(*TN: It's an expression to describe someone or something that's so beautiful that they could overturn an entire city or country)

However, five years ago, Qilian Qingyan was murdered. It's said that the night she died, a murder of crows had gathered, and she ultimately met her end without even leaving behind a corpse.

But how did Su Qingyan know that [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix]?

Xiu Ran disagreed with Murong Jingxuan's views and said in a tone full of disdain, "If she's not an idiot, then how did she become the laughing stock to all the commoners of Diqiu?"

Murong Jingxuan tapped his finger on the table in rhythm, "What if the previous her was all an act, then that could only mean she has the sophistication to hide her true intentions."

"What sophistication, it's only child's play." Xiu Ran said unconvinced, "That Su's fourth miss was just an idiot, how could an idiot be of importance." To him, it was as if Su Qingyan was a worthless idiot.

Murong Jingxuan listened to Xiu Ran as he shook his head, "Xiu Ran, if you ever meet that Su's fourth miss in the future, then you wouldn't think this way."

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