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   Chapter 14 Silver Python

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While looking at figures of Zizhu sending away Deng Yan, Qingyan called out in a cold voice, "Fengqing, how's the task that I asked you to take care of?"

Fengqing, in a split second, appeared at Qingyan's door and respectfully replied, "Yes master, I've taken care of it."

Qingyan walked out and handed Fengqing a slip of paper, "Go and buy everything that's written on the paper. If you can't find a way, then go tell Shizi. I'm sure he will know a way to acquire it.

When Fengqing heard Qinyan's words, his face reddened. Although he was sent here to protect Qingyan, he would still inform Murong Jingxuan of some of her affairs. Yet, when she confronted him about it just now, Fengqing felt a bit embarrassed.

"Fengqing, I know you belong to Shizi, but right now I'm in need of manpower. That's why I'll allow you to report to Shizi about my situation." Qingyan looked to Fengqing as she casually spoke.

When Qingyan's words came out, he furthermore became embarrassed; he could only respectfully reply with, "Thank for understanding, miss."

"Fengqing, I hope that the items written on the paper are all delivered accordingly to my Yingshuang residence tomorrow." Qingyan said, still in a casual tone.

"I'll go take care of it right away." And with that said, Fengqing disappeared into thin air.

In the next second, Fengqing appeared in Murong Jingxuan's bedroom. He then handed him the slip of paper in his hand as is, "Master, what do you think the young miss wants this poisonous snake for? Perhaps she wants to concoct some poisonous medicine."

Murong Jingxuan patted Fengqing on the head and reluctantly said, "You'll know when the time comes, just go take care of it."

For Murong Jingxuan, the one thing he loved the most in this life was collecting all sorts of poisonous animals. In his territory, these things weren't a problem.

"Master, aren't you afraid that these poisonous animals will harm the miss?" Fengqing's mouth twitched as he looked to Murong Jingxuan, "Even we would feel terrified when looking at those poisonous things, let alone the young miss."

Murong Jingxuan looked at Fengqing with a frivolous smile on his face, "It's not a bad idea, if you can convince that girl to give up on these poisonous things.

"Uh....I will get to it right away." Fengqing said this and disappeared before Murong Jingxuan's eyes.

"Fengshuang, how's the thing I asked you to investigate." Murong Jingxuan's clearcut voice sounded coldly.

As he said that, a man dress in black appeared before him, "I've already investigated most of it."

"Go on." Murong Jingxuan said as he supported himself with one hand on the table. The candlelight illuminating the side of his face gave him an enchanting look; his scarlet eyes faintly discernible in the dark.

Fengshuang relayed all the details regarding the investigation one by one to Murong Jingxuan. Lastly, he added, "Granny Ruo that was by the Su's fourth young miss's side seems to have defected, although this is something she already knew."

"Anything else?" Murong Jingxuan looked to Fengshuang, his voice still cold.

"She also said something that was rather in line with Shizi's personality."

"Oh, what did she say?"

"If one does not wrong me, I will not wrong them. If one wrongs me, then I will certainly end them." Fengshuang looked to Murong Jingxuan, who had an amused look, and respectfully replied.

"Good!" Murong Jingxuan praised, "The task that Fengqing needed to take care of, go and help him take care of it too."

"I understand." Fengshuang said this, and he also disappeared.

Murong Jingxuan thought back to the things he heard her say, as if talking to herself, when he was on the roof that day. Thinking about it now, she must be able to speak to animals. That's why, those words that sounded like her talking to herself was actually her having a conversation with the animals in her room.

Murong Jingxuan blew the special whistle that was hanging from his neck. And not long after, a giant silver colored python appeared at his doorsteps. He stroke the python's head and said, "Go protect the Su's fourth miss, understand?"

After receiving the order, the python disappeared without a trace. Murong Jingxuan once received teachings from a Yuanyang Daoist Priest. Although he couldn't master the language of all beasts, he could understand the language of snakes. This even lead the Yuanyang Da

oist Priest to once believe for a short time that Murong Jingxuan was a coldblooded viper.

"Master, do you think that the Su's fourth young miss has mastered the language of all beasts, which's why you let Fengqing go prepare that many poisonous snakes?" Fengluo, hanging upside down like a bat outside the door, looked to Murong Jingxuan and earnestly asked.

"We'll know once the python returns." Murong Jinxuan said indifferently as he leaned against the doorway.

Murong Jingxuan looked out to the night sky covered in stars; his lips curled into a smile. 'It may be interesting to leave the General's manor for now.'

Early next morning.

"AH–-" A sudden scream from Huangcen startled countless birds. Qingyan opened her bewildered sleeping eyes and walked out of the room, reluctantly calling out to Huangcen, "Huangcen, what are you screaming about this early in the morning?"

"Miss, a python! Python!" Huangcen pointed to silver colored python that was laying curled up in ball not far from them and cried out in fear.

As Qingyan followed Huangcen's line of sight, she was met with the eyes of the python that lifted its head. Its eyes gave off a boundlessly cold feeling. It even hissed as if it would instantly swallow anything that approached.

"Miss, how could a python appear in this yard!" Baizhi cried out in suspicion as she looked to the Python in the distance.

"Who told you come?" Step by step, Qingyan approached the python with a smile.

"Miss, are you insane, why are you talking to a snake!?" Zizhu, seeing Qingyan's appearance, cried out in confusion, "Miss, it's very dangerous." She said this as she tried to pull Qingyan back.

Qingyan waved her hand at Zizhu, indicating that it wasn't a problem. When she walked up next to the python she rubbed its glossy skin, "Who told you to come?"

The python hissed as if saying, "My master let me come protect you."

Qingyan rubbed her face against its head, "Then help me thank your master."

They watched Qingyan's actions and mistakenly thought that she was just terrified, therefore behaved that way. She patted the python's head, "From on just keep yourself wrapped around this pillar and avoid harming anyone."

The python looked to Qingyan and hissed again. Afterwards it quickly wrapped itself onto the pillar. From that appearance, you couldn't tell it was a python.

"Miss, just where did that python come from?!" Looking to Qingyan, who was heading inside, Zizhu asked with lingering fear in her heart.

"It just found its way here on its own." As soon as Qingyan entered the room, she began to wash herself, "You all can rest assured for now, it won't harm you all."

"Miss, what kind of hairstyle would you like for school today?" Baizhi looked at the reflection of Qingyan in the mirror and smiled.

"Tassel bun." Qingyan looked to Baizhi with a smile, "Occasionally, I should my hairstyle."

Baizhi quickly fixed Qingyan's hair into a tassel bun; all the preparations were complete. Zizhu lifted aside the hanging curtains and called out, "Miss, Yunxiang came by to ask whether miss is still planning to have breakfast with the old madam."

"You let Yunxiang wait for a moment." Qingyan called out from the inner room.

Soon after, when Qingyan opened the door, she saw Yunxiang chatting with Zizhu, "Yunxiang, let's head to grandmother's place together."

When Yunxiang turned her head, she saw Qingyan wearing a green floral yunjing* dress with a white mink fur mantle draped on top, "Miss, why are you wearing a green dress?"

(*TN: Yunjing - a type of silk-like fabric)

Qingyan grabbed Yunxiang's hand, while smiling. "At that school, there are plenty of brightly colored dresses. I don't intend on competing with them, so naturally I will wear this kind of attire."

"Our miss is a natural born beauty, so she will look good no matter what she wears." Baizhi said as she stuck her tongue at Yunxiang. That look of hers really amused Qingyan.

"Miss, today Zizhu and I will accompany you to school." Huangcen stood to the side with a smile.

"Alright, just prepare some snacks." Qingyan said this as she followed Yunxiang, heading to the old madam's Meixiangyuan.

After breakfast, Su Jiashi carefully warned Qingyan again before letting her leave.

When she got to the door, she heard Ning Siyao's dissatisfied voice come through, "How could you still let your elders wait for you?"

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