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   Chapter 12 Each with Their Own Matters

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As soon as Su Qingyuan finished school, she headed straight to Ning Siyao's courtyard. When she entered, she saw Ning Siyao sitting at the table diligently embroidering something.

"Mother, I'm back." Su Qingyuan looked to Ning Siyao with a smile, "I've already done what mother has asked and spread the rumors about that lowly wench."

Ning Siyao put down the thing in her hand and looked up to Su Qingyuan with a smile, "Mother knows that our Yuan'er is the best." She pulled Su Qingyuan to her side and sat her down.

"Nianqiu, bring the snacks prepared earlier in for the miss to eat." Ning Siyao told the servant girl to her side.

In just a moment, Nianqiu brought in a plate of very delicate pastries.

Looking at the pastries in front of Su Qingyuan, Ning Siyao said with a smile, "These are mother's handmade pastries made just for you."

Qingyuan picked up a pastry and began to eat it. With a smile, she replied, "Mother's skills are really good."

"Silly child, of course mother's skills are good." Ning Siyao said this as she patted her head, "Not long from now, the once in a year talent conference will begin, are you prepared?"

Su Qingyuan firmly nodded at Ning Siyao, "Naturally I'm prepared." She jumped into Ning Siyao's embrace, "Plus it's not like you don't know that every time we use that lowly wench as a stepping stone."

It was natural that Ning Siyao was very proud whenever the 'talent conference' was mentioned. Su Qingyan's foolish appearance was the perfect foil to her own daughter's elegance. Most importantly at the end of every 'talent conference', it basically became a show to see Su Qingyan make a fool of herself. And for her, seeing such a scene made her so happy.

When granny Ruo arrived in Ning Siyao's courtyard, she just happened to be having her meal. When she saw granny Ruo's figure, she called out to her, "Granny Ruo, did you take care of it?"

"Yes madam, the medicine you gave me, I've already put into the pastries and sent it to the fourth young miss." Granny Ruo replied in a docile manner.

"Oh granny Ruo! What happened to you face?" Ning Siyao worriedly said as she saw the claw marks on granny Ruo's face.

"It's all that little vermin's fault." She replied harshly, "If that little vermin ever ends up in my hands one day, I will definitely have its life."

Ning Siyao glanced at Nianchun. Nianchun, then brought out a bag of silver fragments and handed them to granny Ruo, "This is from the madam."

Granny Ruo took the bag of silver and looked to Ning Siyao gratefully. After chatting with Ning Siyao for another while, she turned to leave.

"Madam, that medicine was poison that doesn't even have an antidote, if the fourth young miss dies, we definitely won't be able to escape unscathed." Nianchun said this with a serious expression.

"If the fourth young miss dies, granny Ruo will be our scapegoat." Ning Siyao looked to the dishes and said indifferently.

"I understand."

When Su Qingwen returned to Chai Yiyun's courtyard, she conveniently placed her schoolbag onto the table, "Mother, today big sister was spreading rumors about fourth little sister at school."

"Oh? What kind of terrible things did she say?" Chai Yiyun curiously asked.

"Those words, your daughter is unable to learn. But if fourth sister goes to school tomorrow, I'm afraid everyone will be waiting to see her make a fool of herself." Su Qingwen casually said as she looked to Chai Yiyun.

"Wen'er, the once in a year 'talent conference' is about to began, have you prepared?" Chai Yiyun said as she affectionately looked to Su Qingwen.

"Today, Fuzhi* told us that this year's 'talent conference', all the Princes and Lords will come watch." Su Qingwen looked to Chai Yiyun with a smile, "Mother, daughter has heard that th

e Second Prince is quite outstanding."

(*TN: This is an archaic way to address teachers or scholars)

"The Second Prince?" Chai Yiyun looked to Qingwen smiling, "Mother has heard that, although the Second Prince has a concubine, the position of Princess Consort* is still empty. Perhaps Wen'er likes that Second Prince?"

(*TN: Means in the same sense as proper or legitimate wife since polygamy is allowed here)

"Mother!" Su Qingwen suddenly yelled out as she blushed, "I've only met the Second Prince a few times at the Dragon Gate Feast before." After she said this, her face reddened.

Chai Yiyun listened to Qingwen's words and nodded her head, clearly understanding. "Wen'er, mother understands your feelings, that's why at this year's talent conference you need to perform well. If you perform well, then that Second Prince will also fall for you."

Qingwen looked towards Chai Yiyun, nodding her head, "Daughter understands."

"That's right, Wen'er, no matter what happens tomorrow, you should defend Yan'er, she's also your little sister after all." Chai Yiyun told Qingwen in a serious tone.

"I understand."

Chai Yiyun recently had been staying in her own courtyard, never leaving, since she was busy with painting recently. Even so, she was still very knowledgeable with matters regarding the Yingshuang residence. Just like how yesterday granny Ruo was injured by a small pest.

It's said that Su Qingyan was raising a pure white fox, and that fox was very clever. That's why when Su Qingyan said that phrase, it clawed granny Ruo. Though in the end, birds of a feather flock together. Thinking of it this way, that Su Qingyan was never anything good to begin with.

In Dengshi's* courtyard, when Su Qingxue returned, she saw Qingcong's little figure. She walked up next to Deng Yan and properly greeted her with a bow, "Yiniang."

(*TN: This is similar to saying 'of the Deng Clan', since women don't really change their surnames when they marry, but keep their maiden name, thus they are usually referred to as such. For example Qingyan's grandmother, Su Jiashi is the same way, Jiashi refers to 'of the Jia Clan' which is her maiden surname.)

"Big sister, you've returned." Qingcong looked to Qingxue with a smile and jumped in to her arms, "Big sister, I learned a poem today. Fourth big sister taught me."

"Fourth big sister?" Su Qingxue tilted her head and looked to Qingcong with a shocked expression, "Wasn't fourth big sister always looking down on us illegitimate* children?"

(*TN: Will being using this in place of concubine-born for now on.)

"That fourth young miss isn't like how she used to be." Deng Yan looked to Qingxue and said seriously, "Today, that fourth miss taught your little brother the [Seven Step Verse]." She pulled Qingxue into her arms, "If only your mother could hold your father's heart forever, you two wouldn't have to suffer so much."

"How could we suffer when we are able to be with mother." Su Qingxue said with a smile, "Besides, I also have a younger brother by my side."

"Xue'er, today at school, did the first young miss and second young miss bully you?" Deng Yan looked to Qingxue with a smile and brushed her scattered hair behind her ear.

"No, but I'm afraid fourth sister is about to suffer a calamity." Su Qingxue said with a helpless expression.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I don't know what eldest sister said to those people, but they are all waiting to see fourth sister make a fool of herself." Su Qingxue replied with a serious face, "And I assume fourth sister's days will not be easy from now on."

"If that's true, then I sure want to see how that fourth miss resolves this." Deng Yan said this as she picked up a piece of pastry and ate it with her lips faintly curling into a smile.

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