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   Chapter 11 Wet Nurse Granny

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"My! Granny Ruo, how you could be so careless!" Qingyan said while pretending to be surprised, "Huangcen, hurry and bring me the leftover medicine I used yesterday for granny Ruo. If it leaves a scar, then it'd really be my fault."

Granny Ruo restrained herself from wanting to kill the little fox. However, she saw that Qingyan was still the same as before, and thinking of the basket from earlier, she furthermore felt relieved.

When Granny Ruo saw the ointment in Huangcen's hands, she instantly seized it, completely disregarding Qingyan.

Qingyan, upon seeing this, raised the corner of her lip, "Granny Ruo, these four have been by my side since I was small, others won't be used to using them, so it's fine."

Granny Ruo originally wanted to continue persuading, but seeing Qingyan turning around to leave, she could only swallow her words and leave with the ointment.

"Miss, just now Yaoyao was just too cute." Just thinking of Yaoyao's behavior earlier, Huangcen couldn't help but to laugh out loud. Shortly after, the remaining 3 girls followed after and laughed out too.

"Right! Who knows what granny Ruo is thinking of this time. Last time, miss had a stomachache because she ate something granny Ruo sent." Baizhi, reminded of what happened last time, spoke out in irritation.

"Granny Ruo is just taking advantage of the fact that I've had a bit of her milk." Qingyan said in a cold voice, "I assume by now, she must have already thought of how she's going to report this to that good natured second aunt of mine."

"Miss, how did you know that granny Ruo has betrayed us." Zizhu looked to Qingyan with a grave expression.

Regarding the matter with Granny Ruo, Zizhu had once mentioned this to Qingyan before, but she knew that Qingyan had never once taken her words to heart. But looking at it now, she seems to have already known about granny Ruo's little ruse.

"If you don't want others to find out what you did, then don't do it yourself, else it'll ultimately be exposed." Qingyan look to them and said dryly, "If I'm guessing correctly, there's probably a big present waiting for me at school tomorrow."

"Miss do you want to look at the thing granny Ruo sent?" Huangcen said this as she prepared to open the lid to the food container.

"Throw it out. Just pretend to accept the things granny Ruo sends, afterwards it's fine to just throw it away." Qingyan looked to them, "Huangcen didn't you learn how to make chicken with bamboo shoot soup today, that will be our dinner."

"Miss, just now, why did you say that there's going to be a present waiting for you at school? Perhaps the first young miss has done something again?" Baizhi looked to Qingyan with a serious face and asked.

"Baizhi, we all have been accompanying the young miss for this long, how could you still not understand the second house's schemes." Zizhu said as she disappointedly looked to Baizhi.

"It's just some underhanded tricks, that's all." Qingyan smirked, "I wouldn't be that concerned about it, though if they do push my limits, then I'll make sure that they won't even know how they died." After saying this, she glanced to the bracelet on her wrist.

"Miss, that bracelet on your wrist sure is delicate." Lue smiled as she looked to Qingyan's bracelet.

"But why does that bracelet look strange." Zizhu had been by Qingyan's side since youth. Qingyan usually never likes these accessories, so why did she think of wearing a bracelet now.

"Who said this was a bracelet." After Qingyan opened her palm, the bracelet turned into a golden ringed snake wrapped around her arm.

"Miss, isn't that a golden ringed snake? Hurry and throw it!" Lue urgently said as she looked to the snake wrapped around Qingyan's arm, "If you get bit by it, even if Huatuo* was

alive, he wouldn't be able to save your life."

(*TN: Huatuo - a famous doctor at the end of the Han dynasty)

"Naturally I know." Qingyan replied unconcerned, "I'm its master, so of course it won't harm me." As Qingyan said this, she nudged her face against the snake, and the snake hissed as if returning her affections.

"Miss, not good!" Huangcen ran over in a panic.

Seeing her appearance, Zizhu replied with a stiff expression, "What happened, for you to be in such a panic?"

"The pastries that granny Ruo just sent....." Huangcen, thinking back to what she had seen, didn't know where to start.

"What's wrong with the pastries granny Ruo sent?" Baizhi looked to Huangcen's appearance laughing.

"If you have something to say, just say it, everyone present is our people, so no matter." Qingyan expressionlessly said as she looked to Huangcen, "Perhaps the pastries were poisoned?"

Listening to Qingyan's words, Huangcen immediately widened her eyes, "Miss, how did you know?"

"I knew it was like this." Qingyan didn't look shocked at all, rather she had a calm and unwavering look.

"Miss, then what should we do now?" Huangcen worriedly looked to Qingyan, "I had set aside the pastries, but who knew there were rats in the kitchen."

Just as Qingyan was about to say something, she heard Lue called out from outside the door, "Miss, outside, there's a man saying he's miss's bodyguard."

She recalled what Murong Jingxuan had said the night before and replied, "Let him in."

Fengqing looked to Qingyan and respectfully greeted her, "Greetings my lady"

"What's your name?" Qingyan casually asked as she looked to him.

"This one is called Fengqing." Fengqing said, still with a respectful look.

"Fengqing, how is your martial art skills?" Qingyan said as she looked to the food container on the table, cooking up a plan.

If one does not wrong me, I will not wrong them. If one wrongs me, then I will certainly end them.

"I'm afraid within the walls of Diqiu no one is my opponent." Fengqing looked to Qingyan and replied confidently.

"Zizhu, do you know where granny Ruo's son lives? And who all lives with him?" Qingyan turned her gaze to Zizhu.

"Granny Ruo has two sons, both sons live in the village in the outskirts of the city, think it's called Yu village. She has four grandchildren, it's said that her daughter-in-law is a beauty." Zizhu looked to Qingyan and relayed all the information she knew about granny Ruo to her.

"Fengqing, I believe, with your abilities, you should be able to find where they live." Qingyan looked up to Fengqing with a face full of smiles, "Just help me deliver that food case to their house."

"Miss, are you planning on taking out granny Ruo?" Lue stared at Qingyan in shock.

"If one does not wrong me, I will not wrong them. If one wrongs me, then I will certainly end them." Qingyan looked to the tea in hand and said coldly.

After glancing at Qingyan, Fengqing had already considered in his heart, 'wasn't his master precisely just like this too'. Seems like he really does need to get into good favor with his master's future bride.

"I will go do it right away." Fengqing picked up the case and disappeared.

"Huangcen, I'm hungry, did you finish making dinner?" Qingyan look to them smiling.

"Ah!" Huangcen cried out in embarrassment, "I'll go prepare dinner right away"

Seeing Huangcen's retreating back, Qingyan helplessly rubbed her temples, "Lue, go help Huangcen with dinner."

"I'll go right away"

"I'll go read, when dinner is ready, call for me." Qingyan said this as she headed into the inner room.

However, she didn't expect that as soon as she entered the room, she would see a familiar figure, "Shizi, you sure are curiously interested in my bedroom!"

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