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   Chapter 8 Special Hobby

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Just like that Yaoyao was raised as a pet in Qingyan's Yingshuang* residence. The four girls all really like Yaoyao, and as if it had developed a human nature, the little fox also always kept close to Qingyan's side.

(*TN: The name of her place)

When Murong Jingxuan appeared on Qingyan's window sill, he saw the the little fox napping on Qingyan's lap. Seeing this, he cheerfully curled his lips, "Seems you really like this little fox."

When Qingyan heard Murong Jingxuan's voice, she lifted her head to look towards him, "Murong Shizi*, it seems you're awfully idle, or else why are you always at our Su residence."

(*TN: Title for those who are heir to a noble house, most likely nephew to the current ruler)

Murong Jingxuan leaned against the window sill, stroking his chin and said with a sinister expression, "This Shizi usually is always interested in beautiful woman."

"Oh." Qingyan stared at Murong Jingxuan and sneered, "Qingyan didn't know Shizi was interested, if Shizi feels Qingyan is different from the daughters of other families, and think Qingyan's interesting....." She had poured herself a cup of tea and was about to drink it, when Murong Jingxuan snatched it away.

He with met with Qingyan's eyes and smiled, "And what of it?"

Qingyan knew she wasn't able to rival the man before her, so she pour herself another cup, "Then I'm afraid to disappoint Shizi." Qingyan looked up, stared into Murong Jingxuan's eyes, and replied in a cold voice, "I, Su Qingyan, was never a good person."

Murong Jingxuan listened to Qingyan's words as he lightly laugh, "Beautiful, you truly are different from the rumors." Just when he had wanted to mess with Qingyan, yet she avoided it.

"I've said so before right? It's improper for man and woman to be alone together*, I hope Shizi understands."

(*TN: It's a common etiquette in ancient times given the 'purity' of woman, the literal translation is more along the lines of 'it's improper for man and woman to be in physical contact')

Murong Jingxuan looked down at the little fox in her lap and raised an eyebrow, "Don't you really love that fox that this Shizi gave you."

What? Qingyan listened to what he said and glanced at the fox on her lap. Her look when she narrowed her eyes was very much like that of the fox, and as if sensing her stare, the fox timidly curled up. It gazed up to Qingyan wailing, "Master, I was saved by Murong Shizi. In these 5 years he was very good to me, but he doesn't know that I was once master's pet."

Qingyan listened to what the little fox said and looked towards Murong Jingxuan, dully asking, "How did Shizi obtain this fox?"

Murong Jingxuan teasingly looked to Qingyan, "If you tell big brother, me, how you can play [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] tune, then I can tell you how this little fox came to be."

Even when seeing Murong Jingxuan acting so shamelessly, Qingyan didn't get angry. She sat to the side looking at the fox in her embrace, "Yaoyao, say, how should I deal with Shizi."

After hearing this, the little fox stretched out it's sharp claws and scratched Murong Jingxuan. At once, he seized the little fox, "This little ungrateful vixen. Don't you forget who was the one that saved you."

"Shizi, since you gave me Yaoyao, then naturally it's my pet." Qingyan stood up and attempted to snatch back Yaoyao, however the difference in height made it difficult for her.

"Beautiful, if you give big brother a kiss, I will give this fox back to you, how about it?" Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan still smiling mischievously.

Listening to Murong Jingxuan, Qingyan narrowed her eyes, and replied, "You promise?"

"Of course, I will honor my words." Saying this he turned his cheek to Qingyan. Qingyan originally wanted to release a snake to bite him, but unexpectedly Murong Jingxuan immediately seized the snake's head.

He then pulled Qingyan into his arms, "Beautiful, don't be so vicious."

Qingyan continuously struggled in Murong Jingxuan's arms, "It's best if you behave, or else I can't guarantee I won't choke your pet snake to death."

Sensing that Qingyan momentarily settled down, Murong Jingxuan placed the snake onto the table after letting her go, "Beautiful, your hobbies are sure special, I can't believe you raise this kind of venomous snake."

"If Shizi feels Qingyan is too vicious, you're free to leave." Qingyan said coldly.

Qilian Qingyan once was taught by a master, able to understand the language of beasts, but she was afraid of others finding out this special ability, so she never really properly used it. But now she was Su Qingyan, she lived for her revenge, why wouldn't she not use it.

Murong Jingxuan simply didn't know what Qingyan had experienced, to have become like this. Furthermore he could sense that she was carrying some kind of killing intent on her, it was as if she'd returned from purgatory.

Despite constantly displaying a smile on her face, he knew that behind that smile was a sense of alertness and alienation. If one were to touch her bottom line, then they need to prepare to make a sacrifice at anytime.

Though, this was precisely what he liked about her.

"Hey beautiful, those four girls by your side aren't that skilled at martial arts, how about I grant you my bodyguards." Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan with a serious face.

"Alright! I was just headaching over not having anyone help me kill." Qingyan coldly replied.

To kill?

Murong Jingxuan narrowed his eyes at Qingyan, "Could it be that someone at Su residence is about to do something to you? You are Su General's eldest daughter, who dares to harm you?"

Qingyan picked up and looked at the 'Art of War' on the table, and replied, not the least bit grateful, "This isn't something Shizi needs to be concerned with."

Listening to Qingyan's words, Murong Jingyan unconsciously rubbed his nose, "Then

I'll have Fengqing come by tomorrow."

"Thank you for your generosity." She replied with out even lifting her head.

Murong Jingxuan turned to look at Qingyan once more before turning away, as she watched the vanished figure, Qingyan turned to look at the lively little fox, "Yaoyao, how did you know it was it was me?"

The small fox climbed on top the table and cried to Qingyan, "Although, you don't look the same as in the past, but your scent can not be changed."

Qingyan pulled the fox into her embrace, "Yaoyao, in these five years were you well, was he well?" She said this in a low voice as she caressed the soft fur.

The small fox rubbed its face on Qingyan's and cried out, "The night that master died, I escaped. Then after wondering for awhile I was caught by animal traffickers, two years ago I was saved by Murong Shizi, and stayed with him until now."

"Yaoyao, it's great that you're able to return to my side." Qingyan looked to the little fox and let out a genuine smile.

"Master, are you disappointed that I was able to bite that villain." The golden ringed snake slithered from the table onto Qingyan's shoulder as it hissed.

Qingyan looked to it and rubbed its head, "Shizi's martial arts skill is even beyond myself, how could a little thing like you harm him."

The snake let out a hissing sound before once again wrapping itself onto Qinyan's wrist. And in an instant, the snake's body changed into a golden bracelet.

Qingyan lifted the bracelet and kissed it, "Now, I only have you guys by my side."

The little fox listened to Qingyan's words and patted her shoulder with its paw, "We will stay by master's side."

Qingyan looked to the burning candle fire and closed her eyes: To start again another life, even if damned to eternal damnation, she will still undoubtedly slay her enemies.

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