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   Chapter 5 Spy in the Garden

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Qingyan's voice startled the people outside the door. As soon as Zizhu pushed open the door she called out, "Miss, what happened?"

Looking at the blur of the retreating purple figure, Qingyan dully replied, "Nothing, it was just that a mouse had suddenly appeared in the room earlier, but I've already driven it away."

After she finished her words, she picked up the books on the edge of the desk and proceeded to read them.

Murong Jingxuan, who was lying on the roof, listened to Qingyan's every word clearly, and couldn't help but to think: he was probably that big mouse without a doubt.

"Miss, it's getting late, it's best to rest early."

"I'll rest after finishing these few pages." Qingyan smiled at Zizhu as she said this, "You can go rest first."

"Yes." Zizhu gently closed the door behind her as she left the room.

Qingyan rested one hand on her chin as she sat at the edge of the desk, pondering over what Murong Jingxuan had just said.

Just why did she know how to play that [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] tune, that had been lost for 5 years, that was because in this world only she alone could play this tune. And if this tune were to be played by a flute made from blood jade*, then it would cause the scene of a thousand beasts facing the Phoenix, and it was also the sign of the thousand beasts' court.

(*TN: Exactly as the name suggests, it's a type of red jade)

She raised her head to look towards the scenery outside the window, silently mouthing: "From now on, Qilian Qingyan shall cease to exist in this world."

Meanwhile, an elderly woman was respectfully kneeling in a room of the second house, relaying everything that was seen and heard during the day to her, and this elderly woman was precisely Su Qingyan's wet nurse––Granny Ruo.

As Ning Siyao listened to granny Ruo's reply, she continued to embroider the handkerchief one thread one stitch at a time. "Granny Ruo, I believe you should know what to do?"

"This old servant will definitely discipline the fourth young miss well, she grew up drinking my milk, and she has always listened to me in the past." Granny Ruo replied still with a face full of respect.

They all say a wise man submits to circumstances, the fourth miss was stupid and foolish, despite having the old madam* back her, she wasn't the type of master one would want win over. In order enjoy a fruitful retirement in the future, she needed to think for herself.

(*TN: the matriarch of the house, Qingyan's grandmother)

Ning Siyao placed down the handkerchief that was in her hands and made her servant girl bring out a sack of silver*, placing it in Granny Ruo's hands. She happily accepted the bag and with a thousand thanks, left Ning Siyao's place.

(*TN: 银子[yínzi] - The currency used at the time)

"Madam, why are you so generous with that old woman, no matter what she's just our pawn." Nianchun said this while looking to Ning Siyao in unjust. "What's the point of wasting money on that kind of servant."

"Chun'er, money is just a materialistic matter. If it can manage to kill that lowly girl, then wouldn't our wishes be granted? Besides, there's even an old servant willing to take the fall for us. This way we get the best of both worlds." Ning Siyao, while saying such cruel things, smiled as if she had never been a part of any of it.

"Madam is right, it was I that overlooked this point. That lass was fortunate this time that she didn't drown to death, what other brilliant plans does madam have next?" Nianxia squatted next to Ning Siyao, gently massaging her back.

Ning Siyao laid down on the soft couch, holding her forehead with one hand as she replied smiling, "There's no harm, just let her be complacent for a few days."

"Madam is right, how could that girl rival madam." Niandong also started to earnestly massage Ning Siyao's legs.

And at that time, another one of Qingyan's servant girl, Xiaocui, was currently kneeling in the third house. Chai Yiyun looked to the girl kneeling in front of her as she let her maid massage her.

"According to what you said, that girl, as soon as she woke, changed as if she'd become another person." Chai Yiyun dryly said this as she looked at the servant girl, "What's the reason?"

"Madam, after the fourth young miss woke up, the first young miss once went to go see her, but in the end first young miss

just left." that servant girl submissively replied with her head lowered.

"Horseplay between children is a common thing, I still need you to keep a close eye on everything that happens in that yard for me." Chai Yiyun stood and walked over to her Jinhe*. Taking out a bracelet, she placed it in Xiaocui's hands, "This is your reward."

(*TN: 锦盒[jǐnhé] - An embroidered box)

Xiaocui nodded respectfully towards Chai Yiyun as she took the bracelet, "This humble servant knows what to do."

"I'm glad you understand, that young miss of yours in the end is still a mannerless master, it must be difficult for you to have been left by her side." Chai Yiyun said this as she patted Xiaocui's hands.

Xiaocui just submissively nodded her head.

"Why don't you head back first." Chai Yiyun, still with a warm smile, looked at Xiaocui.

"Then I will excuse myself."

"Lanzhi, tomorrow, go let Wenwen take good care of the fourth young miss, though she's not a smart master, in any case she's still the main house's eldest daughter. Elder brother and elder sister-in-law stand guard at Qinzhou year round, if no one disciplines her, wouldn't that be our fault." Chai Yiyun gently said this to the nearby Lanzhi.

"Madam, you clearly know that the fourth young miss isn't close with the master and his wife. I heard that this is because the second madam and the first young miss are always provoking their relationship." Lanzhi replied seriously.

"That's why we are going to just watch from the sidelines." Chai Yiyun looked to Lanzhi still with a face full of smiles.

"I understand."

How could Chai Yiyun not know that Ning Siyao was creating tension between Qingyan and Su Yun, provoking their father and daughter relationship. Ning Siyao year in and year out would mention to Qingyan how, because Su Yun valued a son more, that's why he left her at the Su Mansion alone, instead of taking her with them to Qinzhou.

She didn't like Su Qingyan, but since there's someone that will take care of it for her, what could she possibly have against it.

Early the next morning, when Zizhu opened the room door, she saw Qingyan motionlessly sitting sitting there. She walked over to Qingyan and worriedly asked, "Young miss, you wouldn't happen to have been sitting here the whole time?"

After hearing Zizhu's words, Qingyan turned to smile at her, "I just happened have to woken a little early, nothing's wrong."

After Qingyan went to sleep, she'd never thought that she would dream of Qilian Qingyi harming her children. Her two children were her only regret in this world, she only wished for them to live a peaceful and healthy life, and not like what she saw in her dream.

Zizhu seeing Qingyan's appearance, ordered the other servants to bring the grooming articles so Qingyan could wash up. Zizhu realized that after Qingyan had woken, she'd really become a different person. If it was in the past, she would have never quietly sat alone without moving a muscle, her contemplating appearance was tranquil as if she'd experienced a thousand sails.

"Zhizhu, let's go pay our respect to grandmother today." Qingyan took a glance at the sky outside, "If we go now grandmother has probably yet to have breakfast, I'll go eat with her."

Baizhi look to Qingyan that was sitting in front of the dresser mirror, grooming her hair, "Miss, before you never liked Old Madam, yet today you want to go pay your respect."

"After all, grandmother is my only close relative." Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she replied smiling, "Baizhi, just comb a simple double knot today."

"Okay." Baizhi's craftsmanship was very skillful, with just a few strokes she was done fixing Qingyan's hair. Looking at Qingyan's appearance in the mirror, Baizhi happily said, "Our young miss is very good looking, I truly don't know why those people don't like young miss."

Qingyan stood up and poked Baizhi's head, "This little girl, when did you learn to make such sarcastic remarks about your young miss."

"Miss, I am not!" Baizhi replied looking at Qingyan.

"Zizhu, you and Lue will accompany me to grandmother's yard." Qingyan walked into the room where the two were earnestly embroidering a small pouch as she said this. She walked up next to them and picked up a pouch, embroidered on the pouch were blooming winter plum flowers. "How delicate."

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