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As weeks flown by, things were coming to an end at the campus. We were preparing for the final countdown to the winter graduation here at GCU.

I can't believe it.

Time really flies in your eyes without realizing what you've accomplished over the past years. I can not wait to walk across the stage to get my degree in Art & Design with my close friends.

I'm so excited for what the future is going to hold for me and the new chapter that I am entering in with the people who I love, who's been there for me since day one.


It's Thanksgiving and I was on the road with Elijah to my home in the afternoon.

Chelsea and Josh flew out to London to meet Chelsea's dad for the first time as a couple.

Elijah wanted to meet my family for the first time, in a long time since we were Sophomores in high school. Elijah kept asking me questions about my family members, wondering how they are and what they would think when they see I'm dating him.

I told him that my mom and Cynthia know that we were dating but also told him that he didn't have to worry about the rest. In honesty, my family is very accepting of any circumstances.

For example, I remembered in the eighth grade when Cynthia came out as bisexual, and literally, no one cared. They accepted Cynthia for who she was as a person and loved her no matter what happens to her. Since then, I knew that my family is very loving, and never judge anyone based on their sexuality, race, color etc.

''We're here!" I said, parking next to Jacob's car.

Elijah and I both got out from the car and went inside of the house. There, my mom squealed in joy dancing her way to the both of us and gave us each hug and kisses.

''Elijah, sweetie you've gotten so big!" She said.

''Yeah I have been working out lately Mrs. Campbell.''

''Honey, you've known for so long call me Joanne.''

''Right, Joanne, totally forgot.''

She let out a wink to me and escorted us to the kitchen area to meet up with the rest of my family members.

I introduced Elijah to my uncles and cousins as they were introducing themselves to him. After greeting, we were all surrounded by the table as Uncle Frankie, Cynthia's dad begins to set a quick prayer before we dig into our food.

''... In Jesus name we say?''

''Amen!" All of us shouted.

Afte gathering our foods, we were all separated all over the house enjoying the Thanksgiving vibe. Cynthia, Collin, Elijah and I were in the living room, talking about our graduation day and some of the funny memories that happened when we were in GCH.

Jacob was with Renata in the kitchen having their quality time with each other. It was nice to see the two made up after what Jacob told me i

nt over to talk with my mom as I was with Elijah by the tiki hut.

''How's your day going?'' I said, kissing on Elijah's soft lips.

''Mm, love it is amazing. Thank you.''

''Why are you thanking me?''

''Because honestly, this is by far the best Thanksgiving weekend that I ever had. I never knew how much love and joy your family is, it makes me feel like I am too part of the family.''

''I mean, lowkey.''

''Ahaha yeah, that's because I'm Jacob's best friend. But, I came from a small family and a different background than yours. Sometimes, I wish I grew up in a big family where I can depend on someone, have laughter, constantly having the reassurance that I've always can absorb to my mind and body.. you know?''

''Of course, and you're always going to have that Elijah. No matter how big or small, there are people who love you and would do anything to make sure that your happiness matters.''

''You think so?''

''Of course my love.''

''Embrasse Moi [kiss me]''


''Haha, babe. It means kiss me in French.''

''Oh, you have to teach me some French.''

''It's a bit difficult but you're a fast learner so it'll be easy for you.''

''Oh yeah?''

''Yes, my darling, now, '' he puckered his lips for me to kiss him and I replied with a quick kiss on his lips.

He pulled me with force, twisting my body to the side and kissed me rapidly all over my face and upper body. I was giggling hard to Elijah's silliness of him kissing me crazy.

In between the kisses, he was speaking in French added with a kiss on my lips as I continued to laugh at him

In between the kisses, he was speaking in French added with a kiss on my lips as I continued to laugh at him.

''Weirdo, '' I said when he finished kissing me on the lips.

''I love you too, '' he replied.

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