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   Chapter 38 NO.38

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The chapter contains sexual content

Halloween is nearby and I can not wait for the holiday to arrive. Elijah and I have made up our Halloween-couple costume and we both decided that we're going to be Danny and Sandy from Grease, the final scene of the couple wearing an all-black clothing.

Chelsea and Josh are going to be Woody and Jesse from Toystory, and as for Jacob and Renata, they are going to be SharkBoy and LavaGirl. Although I haven't really seen the two with each other, hopefully, I will get to see them at the party near the Hamiltons.


It was around nine-thirty at night and it was the day before Halloween which means it was Elijah's birthday. I took him out for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to spend some quality time with him.

His friends Julius and Randall were generous to help me out with buying gifts for Elijah and booked me a reservation at the restaurant.

Elijah was cheerful throughout the whole birthday dinner. He continually said ''Thank You Baby'' when I gave him all the gifts for his birthday.

It warmed my heart so much just to see him all joyous, blushing like a little kid getting a present for their birthday.

Elijah has always spoiled me so much over the few months that we've been together. And I'm not going to lie, it does make me feel happy whenever he does it, but, other times I always tell him that I don't need all the gifts that he gives me because Elijah is enough treasure that I need in my life.


At eleven-fifteen, we were at LakeFront, eating our desserts in the pavilion and did a little canoeing on the lake. Suddenly, it started to sprinkle which made us canoed back to the shore and sprint our way to Elijah's car.

The rain poured down harshly with a bit of a thunder in the sky. Elijah and I were in the backseat of the car cuddling which leads to making out which then continued on from having sex.

''Fuck babe!'' Elijah moaned while I give him some pleasures on his dick. ''Fuck! Oh my gosh, baby, slow down before I cum fast.''

I stopped and chuckle replying ''Sorry, I'll slower.''

''It's okay. You're doing amazing sweetie.'' We both chuckle at the same time as I continue to give Elijah a blowjob.

He was breathing heavily and grunting at the same time continuing to moan ''oh my gosh''. After, he let me climb on top of him, zipping my romper from the front slowly as he leaned forward and started to give me neck kisses.

''Elijah, '' I whispered. His hands were squeezing my breasts densely and he kissed me on my neck in a slow motion.

''Jade, '' he whispered back. Elijah quickly grabbed a condom from his front pocket and placed it in. I was on top starting to ride on him slowly then picked up the pace as we begin to moan at each other's faces.

''Wow, that was fucking amazing, '' Elijah whispered with a light laugh after riding for about ten minutes.

''I know, goodness, '' I said back.

''Want to keep going?''

''No babe. I'm tired, can we go home?''

''Fine, but, you owe one.''

''Oh be quiet.''

Getting off from him, I zipped up my romper and went over to the passenger's seat as Elijah went to the driver's seat. Restarting, we backed up away from LakeFront and drove to Elijah's since it was closer from here.

At his place, we both stripped out of our clothing to our pajamas. I borrowed El

place I have a first-aid kit.''

''Jade, I'm fine.''


''Okay, okay. Let's go.''


Back to my place, I placed a cream on his cheek added with a band-aid. We were in the kitchen when I was placing some supplements to heal Elijah's scar from bleeding.

''All done, '' I said, placing the first aid kit back to the shelf.

''I should go---''

''-- No, babe just stay here for the night, okay?''

Elijah sighed and said ''Fine, I'll stay.''

He went to my room and took off his costume, leaving to be shirtless with his boxers. Elijah climbed on the bed and scrolled on his phone while I started to undress my costume to sleep.

There was a double knock on the phone and I immediately went over the door. I zipped up my dress and quickly fixed it by the mirror next to the door.

Opening it, it was Jacob who looked nervous to talk to me.

''Hi, '' he whispered.


"Why'd you leave the party?"

"Figured I could use some air after what happened to me. Is...''

''— He is.. but, he's sleeping, '' I lied.


''Yeah, Elijah told me. Jacob, why?''

He let out a rough sigh responding ''Jade, I... I don't know. It's been so ugly between us, I really, and honestly think that I'm not good enough for Renata.''

''But, you love her though.''

''I know, but, I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere from this behavior. I don't think she would not want to be with me.''

''Jacob, can I be honest with you?''


''Renata does love you deeply and you love her too. You have to recognize that all relationships have their ups and downs. Just as you can't expect to be happy all the time, you shouldn't expect your relationship to be at a continuous high.''

''How supposed to know if I can win her love again?''

''Talk about what's really bothering you. Your hopes, your fears, your passions. Let her know who you really are. Be vocal and show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to win her love.''

''I'll try.'' He placed his head down, breathing in and out anxiously. I took a step closer and begin to hug Jacob, giving him all the love he needed. ''You're the best sister, '' he whispered.

I let out a soft laugh and said ''I know.''

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