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   Chapter 33 NO.33

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A year later.....

Fourth of July

A year forward and so many changes have happened.

They really say that Junior year is the fastest year ever whether if it's in high school or in college, you can't deny how quickly the year goes by.

My junior went well. I developed from my grievance and became a whole new person.

Throughout the year, I became close with my co-workers and surprisingly close with Jacob. He's been helping me out a lot, taking me out on days unexpectedly and I must say, I'm impressed with his new change.

I even got the chance to meet his girlfriend Renata, who is honestly so sweet and such a good girlfriend to Jacob. She really can hold him down after what he's been through with Keith and Elijah.

I still visit Gloria here and there. She's been such a good person to me, making sure that I am doing well and even give me the help I need from time to time.

Her daughter, Gabriella is so beautiful. Her smile is so precious and her eyes are so bright, just like Gabe's eyes.

Chelsea and I are still roommates, and she is still with Josh. He's been such a good boyfriend to her and a good friend to me as well.

They hang out all the time during campus, at the park, the movies, Ocean Drive; and it makes me happy as a friend to see that my own best friend is in a healthy relationship.

Elijah and I are still close. We have been talking with each other from time to time and it feels like things never change.

Although there was a time he was talking with some girl on campus, I guess he wasn't really interested afterward.

GCU has been a place for me to learn my flaws and become the person I can be. I can say that being on this campus taught me so much over the past three years of college.

And soon, I am going to walk across the stage during this year, and I can not wait for my accomplishment.


''Jade, hurry up!'' said Chelsea.

Pulling up my hair, I placed it in my ordinary old-fashion messy bun and got my ba

at down next to me and ordered a drink, helping me to feel better about not being alone.

''You know me too well.''

''I try my hardest not to.''

''Aha, very funny.''

''Haha, I'm messing with you. You sure don't wanna jam to B.I.G?''

''Nah, aha, I'm good over here.''


Elijah and I took a sip at the same time and laughed. He started talking about his day earlier with Jacob how they both almost got a pulled over by a cop.

I was dying in laughter how well he was specifically describing himself almost having a heart attack when it happened.

''-- Wait, are you serious?'' I laughed again.

''Jade, it was the worst feeling of my life, I don't want to experience that again.''

''Looks like the bad boy is back.''

''Not precisely but yeah somewhat.''

We both chuckled at the same time and stared at each other for a quick second.

Elijah cleared his throat and said ''Do you want to get out of here? Since you're not a huge fan of crowds, maybe we can get some ice cream, go somewhere quiet?''

''Really? You would want to do that?''

''Sure. I mean we will kind of missed out on the fireworks.''

''Fireworks pop out everywhere on the fourth, " I smirked.

''True, '' he added with a laugh.

I replied back and said ''Sure, let's go somewhere.''

"Okay, follow me."

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