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Elijah POV

Summer Time Carnival

It was Mid June and I was already back home from my trip to Italy. I was in Naples, Italy for about two weeks at the same internship program I went to back in the winter time.

This trip was a huge blast. I've visited so many places like The Naples Harbor, National Archeological Museum, and lastly the Catacombs of San Gennaro.

Luckily this time, I was able to purchase a camera and take photos during my trip. That way, I can show it to my mom who begged me to take photos whenever I travel outside of the country.

This trip was so much fun for me, I reconnected with my friends and had adventurous memories of traveling to Italy and learning the art and it's attraction to people.

Sadly, it is my last internship that I am traveling with. Hopefully, in the future, I'm able to find a way to experience more in different cultures of art.


''Hurry up! We're going to be late!'' Julius said, rushing me out from the airport. It was five in the afternoon and I have arrived at home from the internship. Already, my friends want to go to the Summer Time Festival in downtown in a rush to go out and party.

''Sheesh, '' I whispered to myself. Closing the door, I switch out of my jacket to my black muscle tank-top and took a quick sip of my water bottle.

''What's the rush for?'' I said to Julius.

''Nothing bro, just super excited to go to the festival.''

''Or maybe, you're excited to see the ladies.''

''Maybe you're right.... maybe you're wrong.''

We both snickered at the same time as Julius added ''Besides it's the summer! All I care about is getting this money and the ladies of course.''

''Mmm, ladies.''


I laughed softly as Julius begins to blabber about some chick he met on Instagram. I swear Julius never surprise me at all whatsoever with his insane stories of meeting girls everywhere.


Arriving at the carnival, I made it to the entrance meeting up with Jacob and Randall

Arriving at the carnival, I made it to the entrance meeting up with Jacob and Randall.

''Sup boys!'' I said greeting them with a quick handshake.

''Finally, you're here!'' said Randall, taking a bit of his cotton candy.

''Sorry, my flight was delayed for an hour but luckily I made it here.''

''Great! Cause we were thinking about doing the Mirror escape, '' Jacob added with a goofy brow movement.

''Ugh, you know that game is hard as hell, '' Julius said.

"— To you, " all three of us clapped back.

''—So! It'll be fun, '' Randall muf

as okay for me to hang out with her and of course, I said yes.

We played some games, went on rides, and even ate some funnel cake. I spilled to Jade about my internship and how fun it was in Naples, Italy.

Her eyes glowed with happiness as I was explaining to her every detail of the trip. She laughed and smiled throughout my talkative session, which made my heart pumped faster than usual.

''You're very welcome Jade.''

She let out a soft sigh and hugged me tightly, wrapping my her arms around my waist. I scanned my left hand and massaged lightly on her curls as we both rocked back and forth.

After hugging, she placed her head down nervously and looked back to me. Her brows arched in confusion to why all of the sudden I am being awkward around her.

''Is there something that I need to know?'' She asked me.

''No, um, I'm just glad that you're doing better.''

''Are you sure it's not something else?''


''No, Jade. That's all.''

''Okay, you know if you need anything-''

''-You're always there for me. I know, '' I interrupted. She smiled and waved a light goodbye going into her car.

I turned around and begin to walk to where the boys were standing in the parking lot.

I should've said it.

But I can't.

Jade is still, most likely is coping her grief of Gabe and I don't want to mess up the opportunity of giving her mixed emotions between me and him.

I know I'm going to regret this but I just want whats best for Jade, even though we're not together.

You can love someone with all your soul and never get a chance to be with that person. And that ride can often be a brutal process that leaves my mind warped and my soul in pieces.

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