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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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It is the final week of May and I am so excited for the summer to come. This summer, I decided I wouldn't take any classes, just because it has been a rollercoaster over the past few months.

However, I am still going to be working and maybe even try to participate at the school events like Summer Pool Party at Ocean Drive, or movie night Fridays where they would display a movie every Friday at the auditorium, maybe even try the Summer Time Carnival.

Whatever the case is, I want to be able to do whatever it takes for me to have a little fun in the summer.


It was exactly at noon and I was almost done with my breakfast shift. I was cleaning up the tables I served, brooming the floor and replacing sugar, salt, and peeper inside the tiny bottles.

After clocking out, I said my goodbyes to my co-workers and went to my car. Coming in my direction, I've noticed that a man who seems to be in his late forties walking his way to me with a long sorrow face.

It clicked to my head that it was Gabe's father, Walter Cooper. I took a step back as he waved a hello to me, acting like we've known each other a while.

''Jade, I'm assuming?'' He asked in a delicate tone, taking another step towards me.

My body was stiff and I could sense anger floating all over my body. Just to see his face standing right in front of me really made me want to throw up.

''Yes, '' replying blandly.

''I... uh... I was.. in the neighborhood.... and... umm.. a little birdie told me you worked here.''

''I don't need your empathy Mr.Cooper.''

''You can call me Walter, Jade. I just thought it'd be nice to have lunch with you, checking up on you if... I mean.. if that's what you want.''

''I don't want to, nor do I ever want to talk to you for good.''

''Jade, I'm just trying to make amends.''

''Why? Because you feel guilty about Gabe? Or you really think I want to give you a chance to forgive.''

''I... well..., '' he exhaled roughly and ran his palm down on his face in frustration. He blinked his eyes densely trying to not cry in front of me.

''He was crying for help, all he ever wanted was for you to accept that he was your son. Gabe wanted a real relationship with you but you seem that you don't care at all. And now, he's gone.''

''I know, '' he whispered.

''I can't speak too much on Gabe's behalf, but I'm sure he wanted you to at least show some empathy when it came to him.'' I paused and begin to shed a tear and continued ''No one shouldn't feel so lone

hite, '' we both said the same time. I chuckled nervously and arched my brow in surprise to Elijah finishing the same sentence with me.

''How?'' I asked.

He heaved a deep sigh and said ''The girl that I was with, Monica, she cheated on me.''

''What?! That's...''


''Yeah, it is insane! Elijah, you're the most amazing, wise, and talented guy that I've met. I don't understand...''

''-- Yeah, I don't understand either. I always thought doing the right thing would get me further in life, but I never notice how it slaps me in the face when I don't see things clearly.''

''Elijah, I'm so sorry. You deserve so much better.''

''I know, '' he whispered. He begins to talk in depth about how he found out that he was cheated on and heard how me and Keith got into a car accident.

Elijah was devasted, heartbroken and felt helpless during that day. It's crazy how all of this happened all at once between his heartbreak and with Keith.

I leaned forward to him and gave him a hug for comfort. He touched the back of my curls and moved his hand up and down on my back, responding the same emotion to me.

He got up from the stairs as I did the same thing.

''I should get going, I have a flight tomorrow for my internship, " he said.

''You're going again?''

''Yeah, I thought it be cool to go again, it's the best program that I've ever joined.''

''I bet so, it seems like you have so much fun.''

''Ha, yes, I do.''

We both smiled again and gave each other one last hug. He walked backward and waved a goodbye to me saying '''See you later alligator.''

I chuckled in happiness and replied ''In a while crocodile.''

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