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One month later...

Open When You.. - Miss Me Letter

To: Jade

From: Gabe the babe ;)

My sweet love. How are you? I know it has been hard for you to be alone there, but remember one thing--I am always going to be there in your heart. Think of me and my warmth will be the blanket to help you sleep peacefully in the night.

Look to the evening sky, and when you see a sparkle from a shining star, that's me, thinking of how much I love you and miss you. Look to the moon, thousands of miles away from you, and I will be looking at the same moon-thinking of you.

If you are missing me, there is not a doubt in the world that I am probably missing you too. But, we both know that sooner or later we will talk, and everything will be okay again.

You are the air I breathe and the smile on my face and I need you as much as you need me. I will come back to

You, I promise baby.

My favorite ladybug.


Saturday morning and I was preparing myself for the funeral today at the New Life Ministries.

It was seven in the morning and already has been raining outside. It was the type of rain that was light, wanting to make you feel sleepy after a long day of work or watching Netflix movies all day.

After reading the letter, I placed it back in the box with the opened letters. All the letters that Gabe wrote down for me were opened.

The past few weeks, I've been struggling with grieving over Gabe's death. It was hard for me to get the picture out of my mind how empty he was before he overdosed. It was a sign of him crying for help and I wasn't there to save him or his friends and his sister, Gloria.

Those letters helped my grief in a positive way. It was like he was there with me, reading out loud to me, and explain how much he wants me to be happy.

In the letters, it felt like I could hear his voice and actually see him right in front of me.

And it kills me how much I miss him each second of the day.

"Stand with me, " said Pastor Gregory, ending up the service.

"Now, I want you all to remember this. The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3 that there are appropriate times for different seasons. The point is now. God does not leave his children indefinitely in the depths of sorrow. Joy comes eventually when dawn comes, and it comes in God's timing."

"Amen!" Everyone shouted.

"Let us pray." Everyone bowed their heads down interlocking each other's hands for the passing of Gabe and Keith.

Keith's family was so generous of wanting

out from my room and went over to Jacob's to the other side. I knocked on the door twice, waiting for him to answer me.

The door opened wide and he was standing there with his GCU sweatpants and jacket gear. He lightly smiles from the side and placed his head down in shyness to me.

''Hey, '' he whispered.


''You okay?''

''Yeah, I am doing okay. I finally got the chance to read your letter.''

''Oh, wow, I forgot about that.''

''Yeah me too, it just appeared in my drawer.''


''-- I forgive you.''


''Yeah, really. We're both going through so much and the last thing I want is to continue to hold a grudge against you. I honestly thought I couldn't forgive you at all, but, after what has been going on, I just had to let things go for me to be better for myself and overcome this grief.''

''I wouldn't think in a million years that there would be a time that you would forgive me, I wouldn't forgive myself either. Like you said, I have this Lebron James attention. We were so close and now I can't get it over my head how hurtful I was to you, and I'm truly so sorry.''

''Well, I accept your apology.''

He took a step closer to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. I placed my chin on his right shoulder, tip-toeing to his level for me to hug him back. Jacob shed a tear which eventually dropped on my shoulder.

Today was filled with mixed emotions from coming to the funeral, being with Elijah for a while and finally forgiving Jacob for his wrongdoing. Forgiveness puts the final seal on what happened that hurt me. I will still remember what happened, but I will no longer be bound by it.

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