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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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"Jade... sweetie, can you hear me?" A light voice echoed through in my mind. I opened my eyes sluggishly to that familiar voice and notice that it was my mom standing next to me with a soft smile on her face.

"Ma?" I said in my weak tone.

"Yes, baby it's me. It's mom, " she begins to quiver her lips, touching her hands down on my face in a circular motion.

"Wh... what... where am I?"

"At the hospital. You got into a car accident on the highway love. A giant truck driver hit your car and somehow managed to hit Keith's car."

"Wh.. Keith?? Jacob's friend, Keith?"

"Yes, baby. He passed away before he made it here." I shed a tear, thinking about how horrible the accident was for Keith. I don't know that much about him but from what I can witness that he has been a good friend to Jacob and Elijah.

Keith was one of those friends that stayed in their lane, minding their own business. He taught Jacob how to play football in middle school and taught Elijah the meaning of the brotherhood.

They call each other's brothers; not by blood, but within their mind. Always depend on how much they have been supportive to one another and do the best to stay as loyal they can be.

"Sweetie, there is something that I need to tell you... it's about Gabe. Honey, he was rushed here last night from an overdose. He had a severe stroke to his brain that made him unconscious. The overdose was very heavy.... Honey... I'm so sorry, he couldn't—"

"Mom, please stop!" I begin to burst into tears, sobbing an

I really missed talking with Elijah; he really was so wise, sympathizing my grief with Gabe.

I'm surprised he didn't mention about his girlfriend to me. I knew about this since I've seen the two on campus earlier holding hands to the student lounge.

But I guess from today, he was trying to make sure that I get all of the sympathy and support from him. And he did an amazing job with that, as always, since our high school days.

He got up from his seat and took off his jacket from his back. Slowly interlocking, his hands were tightened against mine, locking each finger to each other as a symbol of unity and care.

"I've got to go but I'll see you soon okay?" He said.

"Okay. Thank you for today Elijah, you're such a good person, I'm sure Keith was your favorite, " I replied adding with a soft giggle.

He chuckled and said, "Yeah, I'm sure I was his favorite too."

"You're one of a kind. A true Charming man. Thank you once again and take care, Okay?"

"I will. I always will Ladybug."

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