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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Sunday afternoon and I was back on campus unpacking my clothes from winter break.

Last week, it was a mixed emotion with seeing Gabe at the after party and seeing Elijah since our breakup.

Elijah looked a bit different when I saw him at the diner with his mom. My heart was racing so much just seeing him once again.I could not get enough of thinking about the happy moments we've spent together the minute my eyes target to his.

It was so hard to concentrate on my work when it happened. I could sense he felt the same way when I questioned about his favorite breakfast and acted when he didn't want the hashbrowns.

But now that we're not together, it would be harder for me to know that he is going to GCU, and might run into him from time to time. All I want for Elijah is for him to be happy and I wish him the best.




The doorbell ringed a couple of times and I instantly knew that it was Gabe. I was practicing my breathing pattern just in case if I breathe too hard when I'm around him.

It's such a bad habit whenever I have those butterflies in my stomach; I breathe so harshly. It's so weird but I can not control it when a fine guy like Gabe is around me.

I fixed my maxi blue and white floral romper I bought from Forever 21 and went my way to the door.

Opening the door, he was leaning against the wall to the right with two red roses in his hands. He smirked lightly and pressed his lips together slowly when I let out a small laugh.

''Afternoon beautiful, '' he said with a hard smile.


''Are you ready for this date?''

''I sure am, '' I replied then closed and locked the door behind me. He broke off the stem from one of the roses and placed it behind my ear.

I was blushing so hard, trying to cool off my heart from racing uncontrollably. Gabe lightly brushed the bottom of my curls and tucked it from the front after he adjusts the rose to my ear.

''What was that for?'' I asked nervously.

He chuckled and responded ''Nothing, just wanted to do it.''

''No reason?''

''Well, today I went to Freedom Park for a run and saw a bush filled with red roses.I caught myself smiling for no reason then I was realized I was thinking about you.''

''That's really sweet of you.''

''Trust me, there's more to come.''

''Like what?''

''Our date. It's a surpris

ny happier how much bravery that he deserves and how much of a good dad he was to me and Jacob.

"I'm glad we're talking Jade. I honestly can say I feel like I've known you in my entire life even though it's been a couple of days."

"Yeah? I get that a lot, " I said, showing off my smile adding with a flirty brow movement.

He chuckled lightly and replied, "So, now that we've been talking to each other, is it okay to continue?"

"Yes, definitely. I would love to continue."

"Great because I was hoping if you want to be my girlfriend, " he whispered softly at the girlfriend part. Gabe was blushing hard waiting for me to answer his question.

I could feel butterflies in my stomach flapping around crazy. Gabe asked me out to be his girlfriend and I just froze not knowing how to respond quickly.

I cleared my throat and moved around my jaw slowly trying to come up with the words to say yes.

"Jade?" He asked me, trying to see if I would say something.

"Umm sorry, I... Yes.. I want to be your girlfriend."

He smiled softly and pat down on the blanket for me to come over to his side.

I came over to him and placed my head on his shoulder. Gabe interlock his hands in mine as we both watched the sunset dimming away from the sky.

Today was amazing being able to be with Gabe and listening to each other's past. I got a better understanding of who he is as a person and listen to his funny stories about his childhood.And now, I'm his girlfriend which is even made my day ten times better.

I can't believe it.

I'm his girlfriend.

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