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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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New Years Day


Fireworks displayed in the air in circles and zigzags popping voluminously to the new year.

Finally, it's a new year, a new clean slate, new memories, excitement, sadness, and happiness.

I was at my uncle Frankie's yacht in Ocean Drive with the rest of the family including some of my mom's close friends from work and my uncle's friends too.

Music was playing around in the yacht making everyone dance and sing along to the rhythm, celebrating the new year.

I was with Cynthia at the second-floor drinking and talking about each other's New Years Resolution.

My resolution is to focus on improving my mental well-being: thinking positive, laughing more often, and enjoying life.

Cynthia's resolution is to travel more often, visiting places like Rome, Hong Kong, Australia, and Toronto.

We even decided to have a girls trip sometime in the future with Chelsea. Maybe even try to visit one of those cities and explore a new adventure with each other.

It was one a.m. in the morning and the party is still going on at Ocean Drive with my family.

Dancing, laughter, and a lot of drinks continued to uplift the New Years celebration in the yacht.

Cynthia has mentioned to me if it was okay if I wanted to tag along with her to an after-party instead of being here with the grown folks.

"— So? What do you say?" She asked, moving her brows in a goofy motion. I rolled my eyes trying not to laugh and nodded my head 'yes'. "Alright, come on! Let's get right to it!"

She took my hand and walked out of the yacht and walked away from the dock area.

We were walking fast in the parking lot when Collin called out Cynthia's name


"Hey! Where are you guys going?" He shouted.

"None of your damn business!"


"Yeah, seriously!" She replied with a giggle then clicked on her key for us to get inside.

After leaving the yacht club, we were driving to The Ritz in downtown. Over there, we were able to find a parking

ly beautiful and a smart woman. I know this is a weird timing to see you again but I was hoping if you want to keep in touch with me. Maybe even try to go out."

"Umm.., " I said, blushing so hard that a guy like Gabe asked me out. His blue eyes were shining from the lights on the glass table.He smiled at me and bend his head over to me waiting for the answer to his question.

I am single, and I'm ready to try new things. I just can't stand being socially awkward when it comes to the dating life.

"One date. That's all I'm asking and if you like we can continue. It's up to you, " he insisted.


"Pretty please? With cherry on top?"

"Umm.. Okay, fine."

"Yes! So, how about we go out on Sunday?"

"Sunday is perfect."

"Okay. Sunday it is." He licked his bottom lips slowly and got up from his seat to his friend calling out his name. "One sec!" He shouted to his friend.

"I'll see you soon, " I said.

"Call me?"

"Umm... I don't have your number."

"Look down." Looking down, I saw his number on a crumpled piece of a napkin with a smiley face. I snickered at the napkin and watched him walked away to his friend leaving the rooftop.

Looking back, I repeatedly looked at the paper and couldn't wrap in my mind how slick he was adding his number to a crumpled napkin.

How can I not see that coming?

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