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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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December ??

You when its finals week and everyone loses their shit? Yeah, I'm one of this people.

Everyone is running around on campus worried about their grades and turning in their final projects.

There are so many reasons why finals week is a pain in the ass at the end of the semester.

First, you realize you have procrastinated for too long.

Second, you become overwhelmed with the last-minute projects and essays that need to be due before the semester is over.

Thirdly, you hardly get any sleep due to the late night studying for all the classes you've got for the remaining days.

In honesty, I feel like I can't catch a break from all of this chaotic college life. I know it was not going to be easy but man sometimes, just sometimes, I really want to give up.

''Is College Really Worth It?'' is the question that I ask myself the majority of the time. But, only because it's finals week.


''Have a great winter break Jade, it was nice having you, '' said Professor Bartley. She gave me a light hug before I left the classroom. It was Wednesday afternoon after I've taken my final here in personal and social adjustment class.

Leaving the classroom, I met up with Chelsea in the student lounge since there weren't a lot of people around there.

In the lounge, I sat down on the couch as Chelsea walked her way to me saying her goodbye to her friend.

''Jay, '' she said, placing her bookbag on the floor and slouching on the couch. I lend her over some chips that I've saved earlier and grabbed my water from the side. ''My brain is fried, shit, '' she said.

''Tell me about it. I really don't like finals week, it makes me lose my mind.''

''Me too, I'm so tired. Honestly, I can not wait for this winter break, I can't stand this college life sometimes.''

''Yeah, same.''

''So Jay, are you wanting to go to the winter fair tomorrow? I thought it'll be fun."

''Uhh... I don't know Chels.''

''Jade, please! We didn't go last year and I heard it's really fun.''

''Mmm.. well...''

erris Wheel, The Claw, The Jumper and a lot more.

It was getting late at night and I find myself eating some fried Oreos I've gotten at the concession stand.

Chelsea was sitting across of me eating her funnel cake while I was jamming to the Christmas songs blasting from the front entrance.

''-- You know.. I really hate to say that I actually had fun tonight, '' I said to Chelsea, continued to eat my fried Oreos and took a sip of my water.

''... I just knew that you'd enjoy it. Jay, I want the best for you, to go out more and have fun. You know, it is because of what happened.. but I just figured you need to go out more and try something else to cope with your emotions."

''—As always Chels.''

''I'm just speaking he truth. And that's what best friends are for.''

Chelsea and I chuckled at the time as I replied again and said ''Want to call it a night?''

''Yes, please. I'm getting tired.''

After leaving the fair, Chelsea drove back to our apartment by midnight. To my bed, I crawled on top and placed my head on my pillow.

Even though today was short, I realized that everything I want is coming.

That includes my healing process and happiness.

I just need to relax and let the universe pick the timing and trust myself that I can evolve from these obstacles.

As I said before, it just takes one step at a time.

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