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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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"Before you say anything... no, it's not your fault. This was an argument between me and your brother. I don't want you to think at all that you should put the blame on yourself. I did what I had to do and now I'm owning that responsibility, " said Elijah.

He was sitting on the edge of my bed placing his head down with a gloomy face. I was rubbing my hands on his muscular arms in a vertical motion trying to cool off his anger towards Jacob.

Elijah told me everything that happened before he came here. The way Jacob acted as if he wasn't so surprised to hear that Elijah cares for me and knowing that this day would come. Jacob showed no empathy to Elijah, at all what's so ever. He didn't even care enough to hear what he said, he just shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"I understand, I wish there's a way to fix this, '' I whispered to him.

"Me too, but, your brother really showed his true colors. I knew it. I fucking knew this was going to happen but I just can't stand that he's so—"

"-Difficult? Yeah, I know."

Elijah took a deep sigh and runs his hands behind my back. I let out a small smile and placed my head on his right shoulder.

"Do you think he'll come around?" I asked Elijah.

"No Jade. I think that was the final straw between us. There's no way Jacob and I would be friends again. He was so biased.''


t is.


''Okay, lovebugs, I'm going to work. Elijah be good to Jade okay? Have her here by ten, '' said Chelsea said in a silly tone. She was by the door pampering herself to leave out the apartment.

''Yes, mom, '' I replied. She rolled her eyes and stick her tongue out then waved a goodbye to me and Elijah. ''So, any plans today?'' I said to Elijah. He was sticking his fork on the scrambled eggs that I made for him.

''Mmm.Well, I'm off today and I was hoping we can do that ice cream date, as I promised.''

''Ice cream date sounds fun.''

''--- Maybe after the movies?''

''Sure, what movie though?''

''Mmm.. how about Black Panther, I haven't seen it yet and everyone is talking about it.''

''Me too, definitely want to see that.''

''So.. it's another date?'' Elijah bites off the bacon flirting his eyes at mine.

With a soft sigh, I replied: ''Yes, indeed.''

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