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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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We both glared at each other as I found myself smiling nervously; trying to come up with words to say something to Elijah.

Elijah... wrote a song.... about me????

''Wh... why?'' I said.

''Come with me, '' he said back to me. He extended his hands to me and lightly grip my left hand escorting me to the hallways near the restroom.


''Jade... please, listen to me, '' he whispered.


''I wrote that song the day when we... kissed. I felt something that struck me in a weird way in my body when it happened. I still remember our kiss like it was yesterday. I didn't know how to tell you how happy I felt with you. That kiss, I was so nervous. I wasn't sure if it was even a good idea to be there with you after what happened that night. But, It kept replaying my mind to the point I had to just write it down to say how I really truly feel about you. I wanted to give it to you but you guys were already out of town before I left so I didn't want..."

''... Hey, hey. It's okay, I understand honestly. You don't have to apologize."

He took a step closer to me and placed his hands on the side of my cheeks. He inhaled sharply and smiled at me watching every moves of my eyes targeting at his.

Elijah then took another breath and planted his lips on mine slowly. We then picked up the pace, interlocking our tongues on top of each other just like the first time. He pulled back and kissed my forehead then onto my cheek.

''Let's eat, '' he said to me.

''Of course, I'm hungry.''

Elijah and I walked out from the hallways and begin to hold hands walking to our seat. A waiter came by and took our orders from the menu. Elijah ordered a shrimp pesto and as for me, I ordered fried rice with teriyaki chicken.

As we both ate our meals, Elijah was telling me of the things that happened when he left. One of things were that his step-sister Erica is now living in France with her older sister.

His mom thought it was best for her to be with her sister after not seeing her for eight years since Elijah's mom and Erica's dad got married.

''---Do you still talk to her?'' I s

ow that you've let the cat out of the bag, what I really wanted to say is that now that this is happening between us; I feel like it's right to keep it low just for now until this whole cultural festival is done.''

''Me too, I was actually thinking about that for while. But, be honest with me: does Chelsea now about us?''

''Yeah, knew since the beginning when I accidentally slipped about seeing you for the first time. Plus, Chelsea is always wanting to know the scoop, as usual.''

''Ahh, I see. So how are we going to tell Jacob?''

''We can do it together, just at the right time when he's.. in a good mood I guess.''

''Okay, well since the cultural festival is on Saturday how about we wait til' Monday. I'll make sure he doesn't bark at you more than me.''

''You think he'll accept it? Us?''

''Well. Jacob is full of surprises so I have no idea. But, whether consequence of this happens I think we're going to be okay. We just need to stay positive."

I let out an ''okay'' and placed my head on his shoulder. He placed his lips on my forehead when out-of-nowhere a random guy called Elijah over.

He got up from the couch and let out a one minute gesture to his friend. Elijah then leans forward to me and tucked my curls behind my ear.

He smiled softly and whispered: I'll text you later, okay? Don't overthink about it. It'll be fine, promise me baby girl?''

''Yes, I promise.''

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