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"Nothing, " Elijah and I responded back. We both looked at Jacob with a forcing smile trying to convince him that nothing is 'happening'. He let out an 'oh okay then' expression and give Elijah the nod to leave.

''See you soon Jade, " he said.

''Yeah, you too.'' I pressed my lips together and quickly grabbed my jacket to scream.


I'm going on a date with Elijah Knight. My high school crush asked ME out!

Leaving the lounge, I drove my car back to my apartment and begin to take a quick shower. After, I begin with my online classes and read the syllabus; as always.

Coming to my direction, Chelsea came over to the kitchen and dropped off two

White bags from Panda Express."I got us some Panda Express, " she said walking her way to me.

She slumped her body on the couch as her neck was rocking from side to side as if she was running eight miles in the morning. "It's only the first day of school and I'm already tired."

With a soft snicker, I replied: "At least we're not in finals week."

"True. I would've been dead by now."

"Aha, so tell me how's your first day?" I placed the laptop down and went over to get our food. We both separated our bags and started to dig in our food.

Chelsea briefly told me that she has a professor who's very mean and a bit sarcastic. She told me that he's in his late-fifties and says he dislikes everything in life.

How are you a professor and just hate everything? Who hurt you? Is your life really that horrible?

"—Ouch, " I said taking a bite off from my orange chicken.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Anyways what about you? How's your first day?"

"Well.... it went.. well... absolutely faanntasssttic."

"Oooh, let me guess.Elijah?"


"Oh my gosh! What happened?" Taking a deep breath, I spilled everything to Chelsea about reconnecting a bit with him and how he asked me out.

She dropped her mouth in happiness to see me being loquacious about Elijah and I honestly can't help it. Elijah and I have history, and just seeing him again accelerated my emotions to the rooftop.

I just hope Jacob doesn't ruin this for me because I know how he can be. Plus, it's been four years since Elijah and I hang out with each other and I think it's time to spread my wings and fly.

After eating Panda Express, I went to the shower and rinse myself off. It was getting late at night and I found myself getting comfortable to sleep.

It's been a long day since it's technically the first day of school. And of course, my excitement to see Elijah.


The following day I was at my class listening to Professor Bartley's lecture. I was writing down my notes on my notebook and continually looked at the screen of the presentation.

The lecture was literally an hour and thirty minutes learning the basic knowledge of psychology and the society.

After the lecture, I walked out the building and head over to the library and check myself out to read a book.

I went to the romance aisle and searched for a good book to read. Out-of-nowhere, I felt a light tap on my shoulder that made my body jump in fear.

''Romance?'' Elijah said. He leaned against the wall and took a sip of his water bottle with a flirty brow movement.

''Seriously? How'd you know I was here?''

''Ladybug, you don't think I know you. Every time class is over you're always at the library.''

''Aha.. umm...''

''Um... you know it's true.''

''Okay, yeah. I can't help it, I'm a bookworm.''

''I know, it's cute.'' I exhaled with a laugh as he continues to flirt his eyes at mine. He took a step closer to me and whispered ''See you tonight.''

''You too.'' He taps his thumb and index finger together on my chin and leaves me behind.

My heart was beating fast reminiscing Elijah's touch on my chin. This still feels unreal to me that I'm going on

a date with Elijah.

Elijah Alexandre Knight.


"Do I look okay?" I asked Chelsea who was typing on her laptop in a speed motion. She got up from the couch and walked over to where I was standing as fixed up my zipper from my skirt.

I was wearing a two-piece outfit: off-the-shoulder, red-crop top with a mini-red skirt that had a little sparkle on the elastic band.

"You're beautiful Jade, as always. You're going to take Elijah's breath away."

"Ugh, I just hope this goes well.."

"— And it will, you don't need to worry so much. You guys known each other for a while I'm pretty sure he's nervous too."

"Yeah, I guess." She bends over to me with a light hug as I walked out from the door. I walked lightly down the stairs and halt sharply at the end of the stairs.

Elijah was there wearing a blue and white plaid shirt with dark blue jeans. I placed my head down timidly to him gawking at my outfit.He whispered to me "Wow."

"Hi, " I said again walking to where he's standing.

"You're so beautiful."

"Thank you, and you're so handsome. How was your shift?"

"Thanks, and um it was good, got a large tip aha. Um, we should get going though, I have a performance at seven."


We both walked out from the door and went into Elijah's mustang. Elijah restarted his car and reverse his way out from the parking lot then placed the handle in D to drive out on the road.

By fifteen minutes, we've made it to Sunset Jazz on Fifth Avenue. Elijah placed the handle on P and unlock the doors for the both of us to get out.

Inside the bar, Elijah requested for a table for the both of us. We walked over to the middle section of the room and sat right across from each other.

"Are you nervous?" I asked Elijah who fixed his watch on his right wrist.

"No, not at all. Just happy that you're here with me."

"You've always said that you're happy when I'm around."

"It's the truth, Jay."

I chuckled softly and replied, "You haven't changed a bit."

"Nope.Still the same Elijah you know. And you haven't changed either."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, I still remember a lot about you."

"Oh really? Tell me what you know."

"Mmm, well, your favorite color is blue. You like pineapples and absolutely hate carrots."


"—Plus, you are a fan of Adele, Jhene Aiko, and The Weeknd. Oh, and your all-time favorite movie is A Walk To Remember.

"Okay, Mr.SmartyPants that's a lot of what you've remembered."

"I told you, " he replied with a wink.

"— Next up, we have a pianist who actually works here, please put your hands together for Elijah Knight, " said the female host.

Everyone clapped densely to Elijah as he was walking on stage towards the piano. He sat down and fixed himself a bit, adjusting the chair that he was sitting on.

He took a deep breath looked at me and smiled lightly. I replied back as he begins to play a piece on the piano.

The rhythm was very gentle and so relaxing to hear. It was almost like I was listening to those jazz piano music from the elevators at the mall.

Elijah played the keys in a slow-to-upbeat tempo that made some couples around the room dance near the stage.

With his late note, everyone started to whistle and clap loudly to Elijah's performance. He came to me with a nervous look on his face knowing how surprised I was to see him perform.

''Elijah, that was absolutely... like... wow... I'm speechless, it's so... wow, '' I exhaled with a nervous laugh.

''I know. I wrote it myself.'' Elijah begins to blush a bit and continued to look at me with a nervous expression on his face.

''You... wrote... that?! Really since when?''

''Since Sophmore year.''

''Wh... what? I didn't know that.''

''Yeah, that's because Jacob didn't tell you.''

''Didn't tell me what?''

''That this song is about you.''

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