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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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''AYYYEEEE!" said the group of my old friends from Gulf Coast High. We entered into the student lounge as another group of boys who I remembered shaking their hands with me welcoming me back to my home city.

''Knight, it's good to see you man, '' said Keith, who was one of my posse at Gulf Coast.

''You too bro.''

''You down for the night? Thought maybe you could slide at my crib with Jacob and play 2k.''

''Ahhh--'' Before I finished my sentence I saw Jade getting some snacks at the vending machine. ''I'll let you know soon.''

''Aight, bro.'' He left back to where the guys were as I was in my zone heart-eyeing at Jade again.

Have mercy, this girl has gotten so beautiful, what the actual fuck?

To be honest, I've fallen in love with Jade Nicole Campbell on my sixteenth birthday; October thirtieth, the day before Halloween.

I remembered I had Jade in my Drama class fourth period with Mr.Santos. She was the only girl I'd talk to in class.

I used to tease her about her reading romantic books and how someday her Prince Charming would come to the rescue.

And yes, I was referring to myself.

When Halloween came around, my step-father left to the military again leaving my mom wanting to move back to North Port to be closer to my family.

Plus, North Port had really good scholarships in Art and Technology which was why it was best for me to take the option.

But, now, it doesn't matter now because Jade is here.

I miss Jade so much. Moving away sucked because she didn't have a phone at the time, plus, every time I've asked Jacob if it was okay to talk with her he always comes up with some bullshit excuses like: She's sleeping, She's with Chelsea, She's at dance practice, she's on her period I wouldn't talk to her she can be a bitch.

I eventually stopped asking because I know Jacob doesn't really care so much about Jade.Which kind of is sad to me.

Like for real? Not even your own sis? Geez. He even said to me "Less talking about her, and focus on us brother."

I still remembered what Jade wore at the Halloween part Sophmore year.

She was in a red velvet strapped- dress, her hair was in a long braid, and she was wearing those devil headband with bright red lipstick.

And of course, I s

till remember kissing her soft-addicting-lips.


Walking up to her, I sat down and glared at her for a second. She then opened her eyes quickly and looked at me in shock to see me sitting next to her.

''Elijah?'' She questioned.

''Hey Jade, '' I replied.

''Wh--- um... what's up?''

''Nothing, just wanted to say hi. How's your first day?''

''Ehh... same thing as always.''

''The syllabus?''

''Aha, yeah the syllabus. See you've reconnected with your boys.''

''Yeah, it's whatever. I feel like as you get older you kind of want to stay to yourself.''

''Not much of a people pleaser anymore?''

''Yeah, I tone that down a notch when I moved to North Port.'' We both let out a soft laugh and continue to talk with each other.

Talking with Jade again and filling up the gaps that I've missed out really brought a smile on my face.

She told me about everything since I've left Gulf Coast high school.Surprisingly, some of the things she said didn't shock me at all.

For example, Darren Dacius; the weird pokemon-anime- kid who I remember got expelled from school because he tagged at the cafeteria's rooftop in all caps; Dr.Hernandez eats ass.

''What the fuck!?! Are you serious?!'' I said to Jade who was chortling and coughing at the same time.

''Yeah, oh my gosh. Elijah, you've missed everything, " she continually laughed and sighed softly.

''I can see that. I've missed you, '' I whispered to her.

''I've missed you too.''

''Are you busy tomorrow?''

''Umm... no, I'm not.''

''Well... I was... thinking... if you don't mind hanging out at Sunset Jazz?''

''Special occasion?'' She let out a small smile which made me blush a bit to her smiling at me.

Fuck I've missed that cute smile.

''A friendship reunion? Plus, I got a job there and I'm going to play.''

''You still play the piano?'' Her eyes sparkle in happiness which caused me to blush again not knowing what else to say.

''Yes, I still play.''

Again, I blushed which made her blush too. She tightened her lips together fighting back to not kiss me. I let out a smirk and licked the top of my lip in a slow action sexually.

''So, is it a date?'' I asked.

''It's a date.''

''---- Hey guys, what's up?'' Jacob interrupted.

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