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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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''Ladybug, it's been a minute, '' Elijah said smirking flirtatiously to me. I lightly let out a small sigh and smiled nervously at him as he continued to flirt his eyes at me.


''You already forgot your nickname?"

''Ummm... uhh... I.... um. no.... just didn't think you'd say that aha.''

''Aha, What's the matter?''

''Nothing, it's just Chelsea. She locked me out and she's hooking up with someone. So, I thought: Why not come over here? Is Jacob around?''

''No. He left not too long ago with some girl.But, you can stay here for the night.''


''Yes, really. Come in." Stepping in, I whispered to myself ''thank God" and went over to the couch. I fixed myself a bit then tied my hair to a high messy bun. He then came over to me with a water bottle and hands it to me for refreshment.

''Thank you, '' I said.

''You're welcome.''

''So... are you... visiting?''

''No. I'm actually enrolled this year.''

''Really? That's amazing!''

''Yeah, I'm nervous but I'm also excited at the same time.''

''Me too. What are you majoring in?''

''Craft and Fine Art.''

''Of course, I forgot you're an artist.'' He let out a chuckle and pressed his lips together in shyness.

"Let me guess you're majoring in Interior Design?"

"Yeah... you remember?''

''Of course, I do.'' Pressing my lips tightly I heaved a flirty sigh and looked at Elijah. He was smirking flirtatiously again then got up from the couch to the counter confirming his phone call from a distance.

''Yo.... huh? For real? Yeah, alright. I'll be there in fifteen."

"Is everything okay?'' I asked Elijah. He compressed his lips together and heaved a frustrated sigh. Elijah then sat right back down next to me and opened his mouth to collect the words that something is really wrong.

''Umm.. not exactly, Jacob's car is broken down near the entrance of the main building so I got to go and help.''

''Oh, I can leave---''

''---No, stay here I want you to be safe. Don't worry I'll tell him myself that you're staying for the night.''

''You would do that...?''

''Yes Jade. I'd do anything for you.''

He got up from the couch and went to a small closet on the far right-hand side. He pulled out a blanket then went to his room and got pillows for me to sleep. ''Here you go.''

''Thank you, Elijah. I really appreciate it.''

''You're welcome, and if you get really chilly you can always come in my room and cuddle.''

''Cuddle?'' I whispered.

''Yeah, '' he whispered back and touched my chin softly. I leaned back against the couch and watched Elijah walking to the door. Getting comfortable, I placed the pillow under my head and slowly closed my eyes to sleep.

The following morning, I was awake from the sizzling sounds coming from the kitchen. Struggling to wake-up I heard a conversation by the kitchen with a loudness of laughter.

''Jade! Good morning!'' said Jacob with enthusiasm.

''Um.... good.. um... good morning?'' I replied back with a puzzled look.

''It's cool, Elijah told me.''

''Oh.. yeah, I forgot.''

''--You want some breakfast Jade?'' Elijah said from afar.

''Umm... actu

ally I should get going I have a class at ten but thanks.''

"At least take a fruit with you, you don't wanna get starved during the lecture, " he replied.

I walked up to the kitchen area and grabbed an apple from the fruit basket from him. We both took a quick look at each other and smiled as I waved an awkward goodbye to him.

I left the apartment and walked up the stairs back to mine. It wasn't a surprise that the door is unlocked after Chelsea quote-on-quote locked me out.

Chelsea got out from the bathroom and walked up to me with a smile on her face as I replied with a sorrow face.

''What's wrong?'' She said curiously.

'Well, you locked me out last night."

"Oh, Jay--"


''I'm so sorry. Okay? That was wrong of me to do that. I was really drunk and didn't pay attention.''

''It's cool Chels, it seems like you had so much fun, '' I said with a goofy smirk.

''Haha, yeah. So where did you go?''

''I went to Elijah's.'' Her eyes grew in surprise to my answer that I compressed my lips together fast knowing I spilled out my secret of me seeing Elijah.


''Mm hmm, '' I replied in a high-pitched tone.

She dropped her mouth and scoffed with a goofy smirk. ''How?''

''He's enrolled here and Jacob of course, made him be his roommate.''


''Shit? Yeah, small world isn't?'' We both giggled at the same time and continued on talking about Elijah.

I must admit, I'd never and I mean ever think in a million years that we'd see each other again. I know what happened at the Halloween party in our Sophmore year, how he mentioned about us. But, I wouldn't think he'd here at the same college as me.

How crazy is that?


The first day of my personal and adjustment class, and already I love my professor; Professor Bartley. She's so funny, very welcoming, and a laid-back professor I ever had so far. My other professors in the past were nice too, but not as cool as Professor Bartley.

I was in the third row in my laptop listening to her announcement about the syllabus. So far, I can tell that this course is going to be quick and an easy A for me.

''Okay folks, that is all I have today for you all. I'll see you guys on Wednesday.''

Everyone got up from their seats and proceed to leave the room. I went to the student library and check out the textbook that I needed for the semester. After, I head over to the student lounge and got myself some Twix, a mini-waterbottle with 5-pack gum.

I sat down on the couch and pulled out my phone from my backpack. Out-of-nowhere, a group of jock boys came into the lounge and started to holler with a commotion of laughing, high-fiving each other with another group of boys.

Turning up my volume, I closed my eyes densely trying to avoid the commotion from the jocks. I suddenly smelled a rich cologne breezing under my nose that made me open my eyes quickly. To my right, I widened my eyes in shock to see Elijah sitting next to me.

He was slouching in the same position as me and smiled at me.

Ugh, he's so fine, I can't stand it!

''Elijah?'' I questioned.

''Hey Jade, '' he replied.

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