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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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Breathing heavily, I crossed my arms together and waited for Stefan to say something. He looked at me curiously trying to figure out why I said his full name out of nowhere.

''You said my full name. The only time you say it is when you're mad at me.''

''I know, and I'm not mad at you babe, I just need you to stop walking so fast, I'm small and you're very tall... so yeah.''

''Sorry, '' he whispered.

''It's okay. So... Back there, is that...true?''

''Yes Isabella... it's true. I was thinking about it. And I want to because I love you, and my love for you grows every single day and I just came to the conclusion that I should do it. But, obviously... that hillbilly ratchet uncle ruined it so-''


''- I hate him so much! He just reminds me of my father gosh-''


''- I can't stand him Bella! Every time I see his face all I can see is my father—"


''--And he had the audacity to make me feel like I'm not worthy of this family just because I didn't come to my father's funeral--''


''Knowing the fact I was kicked out---''


''-- He was the first person that I went to after my dad threw me out on the streets; You know what he said? He told me that I need to be a man and toughen up.


''---- He didn't help me, so I had to walk four hours to a subway and take a train to Seneca College so I can live with my brother----''


''---That's why I stormed off Bella, he just wants me to think I'm not good enough.. he's the one who called me a Grinch.... because... I'm not... good enough...-''


'' I just... can't... FUCK!" He exclaimed at the top of his lungs and went over to the bench near the sunflowers and begin to cry. He was sobbing hard uncontrollably which caused me to shed a tear in his panic-meltdown.

I sat down next to

ving room for a family movie time to lighten up the mood. He played Incredibles on screen as all of us were snuggling under the blanket around the enormous U-Shaped couch.

My head was leaning on Stefan's chest as my legs were on top of his scanning slowly. Stefan's hands were scanning all over my body which instantly made my skin crawl with goosebumps. His touches were light sending tingle effects around my body.

I looked up to him and let out a huge smile then kissed him softly.

''Thank you. For being there for me, I know cut you off cause I talk too fast when I'm in a panic mode but I just want to say that because you really are amazing and I'm sorry if I scared you, '' he whispered.

''You didn't scare me. I was just worried about you. And you're welcome.''

''Can I have a kiss?''

''Aha, yes.''

Again, I leaned forward to him and plant my lips slowly on his. We then continued to watch the movie and snuggle with each other. This day was insane with his uncle and Stefan feuding with one another. But, to what just happened with Stefan confessing his emotions shows a lot of improvement about himself.

As the author, Unkown says ''Maybe sometimes people did not actually change, Maybe you just never knew who they really are.''

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