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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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Stefan POV


"Unpleasant surprise?" It's a marvelous surprise. How long?" He replied in his rich Southern accent. Noah looked at me and Sean at the same time trying to figure out an answer.

"I don't know Noah, " I replied in a dark tone.

"You got nothing to say? Anything else?"

"Get a haircut." I walked out from where I was standing and joined Isabella in the backyard. She was communicating with Stephanie and my cousin Mikala who I haven't seen in a while.

"Stefan?! Oh my gosh you've gotten so handsome!" Mikala said. Her brown curls bounced off from her shoulder and she let out a huge bear hug to me. I noticed that she lost so much weight since the last time I've seen her. She was rocking me back and forth shedding a tear on my shoulder.

"Hi Mikala. You have gotten really beautiful."

"Oh, Stefan! Thank you. And you still look the same: tall and handsome as always, " she replied with a laugh which caused me to laugh too.

"See that you're dad is here, where's everyone else? Tommy and Liz, Aunt Sally?"

"Couldn't make it. Not enough money for everyone. Tommy and Liz wasted on some concert they went to and Aunt Sally spent it on her surgery."

"On the knee, right?"

"Yeah... Umm, how did you—"

"--Stephanie told me. Sean could've told me if this was going to happen. I would've paid for the tickets for them."

"Honestly, Sean tried to convince them so he can pay for it they said it was fine and that he didn't have to worry. But when he brought up your name ...they just thought you wouldn't... care... they wanted to say yes... but... I'm sorry... it's been so long, Stefan. We really missed you we just didn't know if you still wanna be around us after what happened... I'm sorry."

"Yeah, it's fine. You don't need to worry about me anymore, I'm okay."

"You know you're my favorite cousin. But, don't tell Stephanie or Sean they'll freak out."

Letting out a small laugh I replied "Your secret is safe with me. Is that Paisley? She's growing so fast."

"Yeah, isn't she? My little muffin is two years old now."


"Mmm hmm. And she's already attached to Isabella. You know she's really gorgeous and very sweet. I'm happy for you Stefan."

"Thank you." Glaring at Isabella I couldn't resist but to release a small smile. She was holding Paisley like if it was her own child. Isabella then danced around with Paisley making her laugh uncontrollably while Stephanie was recording the two.

My heart warmed in happiness just by looking how gracefully Isabella is with Paisley. It made me re

n our foods listening to Mikala's story of how Paisley started walking. She then went on about how fun our childhood was when we used to go to the barn and feed horses, playing hide and go seek in the cornfield, plus watching scary movies all night.

Abruptly, Noah cleared his throat forcefully that brought everyone to look at him.

''So, Isabella, why don't you tell me how you met Stefan, '' Noah said.

''Umm.. I used to work for Stefan at his brand. Mitchell Enterprise, " she replied nervously.

''As a model?'' He said crossing his fingers with a smirk.

''Umm... no... I wasn't a model....''

"You sure? Stefan seems the type that likes to go after models..."

''---- She doesn't need to answer you, '' I bark to Noah.

''I'm not doing anything.''

''---Well, you're making her nervous can you please leave her alone.''

''--Stefan, chill, '' Paul whispered to me.

''I was trying to get to know her... I'm curious... I mean I just wanted to know why he wants to propose to her.''

''What?!'' Mikala, Stephanie, and Isabella said together.

''Noah, Seriously?!" Sean barked.

''--- What? I'm just speaking the truth!"

Clenching my fists, I disruptively slam my hands on the table and stormed my way outdoors to the garden. Everyone around me called my name for me to stop but I didn't look back and continued to march forward.

Walking my way to the garden, I can hear my name from a distance and I already knew it was Isabella.

''Stefan!'' She yelled. ''Stefan please stop walking! Stefan Xavier Mitchell stop walking for fuck's sake!''

I snapped my head around her and looked at Isabella with a curious expression on my face.

Did she just say my full name?

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