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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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*One Year Later*

It's been a year since Stefan and I have been together. And he promised me one thing: to make our future beautiful; he was absolutely right. It was beautiful.

We moved in together during our six months anniversary. It was something that the both of us wanted to do and much easier for me to be with him. Lauren sold her apartment and moved in with Rico in Miami. Apparently, Rico bought a house in Miami Beach for a new modeling agency he joined and Lauren wanted to be there particularly for the beach but also decided to go to the Art Institute and study interior design.

Stephanie and Paul finally made up just a week after the Maui trip. The two are so deeply in love and always use too much PDA. They even have been traveling more often with each other since the two are official.

Sean has recently opened his architecture business in Brazil. With Stefan's help, he was able to create tiny houses on the east side of Rio De Janeiro. We were there not too long ago supporting for Sean and explored around in the tropical forest next to the tiny houses.

Recently, I have been working a lot at Pelican Bay. Working here has been a bit dreadful but I build a small group of friendship at the bar. It's still a bit crazy that I'm still working there after the craziness of Stefan coming after me with his apology. But, I didn't mind staying here since I really do get paid well.

Tomorrow is the big day for me because it's my birthday and I'm excited about what Stefan is going to surprise me. Last year, he took me to Disneyland along with the others and I had the best time of my life. This year, I have no idea what he going to do with my birthday. He keeps sending subliminal messages to me by speaking French here and there which made me a bit curious about why he keeps doing it.


It was eleven in the morning and I was awake to the vibrations of my phone ringing off from the side of my bed. Turning over, I realized that it was Lauren calling me on FaceTime.

"Hello, " I said in my hoarse voice.

"Happy Birthday!" Lauren and Rico exclaimed at the same time.

"Awh, you guys are so sweet."

"You okay? You sound sick, " said Lauren.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just woke up not too long ago."

"Sorry to interrupt your sleep. We wanted to wish you a happy birthday, " said Rico.

"It's okay, I really appreciate it. Where are you guys?"

"In Los Angeles, we got tickets to see Kendrick Lamar!" Lauren exclaimed.

"Awh, for real?! That's so nice! I wish I was there."

"Me too, but that doesn't really matter too much. I know Stefan is going to surprise you something great for you."

"Yeah, I hope so." After talking with Lauren and Rico I went to the kitchen and saw that Stefan left me a letter with a huge breakfast on the dining table.

Happy birthday baby girl. I know what you're thinking: why the fuck am I not here with you. Well, Mon Cheri [my darling]

nessing the beauty of the tower.

After five minutes of bypassing the crowd, we were the first to escalate in the elevator and stopped in the first-floor. The view was about 360-degrees of the Paris skyline. My heart was racing rapidly and I can feel my anxiety kicking in which caused me to breathe heavily.

''Hey, Bella, Baby girl, look at me, '' he whispered. I twist my head to him as he pulled me closer and placed his thumbs on the sides of my cheeks. ''Breathe, it's okay. I know you're afraid, but I'm here. Okay?''

''Okay, '' I whispered.

''Turn around.'' I turned my body around next to the bar-line and slowly take a deep breathe looking how far we are. I looked down at the ground and saw how tiny the people looked wandering around near the edge of the tower. Laughing lightly, I turned my head to Stefan who is already smiling at me.

''Listen to my voice, okay. It's just me and you at this moment on your birthday.''


''Remember I promised you that I'd make sure your future would be beautiful?"

''Yes, I remembered.''

''Look up.'' Fireworks begin to pop voluminously in the sky. From afar I could hear a crowd of people saying their ooos and aaahhs. The fireworks were colorful with warm colors added with cute swirls and zig-zags to it. With one last pop, it enormously released by name across the sky.

Everyone then clapped and cheered loudly while I was crying in joy to see that my name was across the sky. I turned my body to Stefan and opened my mouth to say something but couldn't put my mind to it.

''How... I mean... Why.. Babe, I'm speechless, just how?'' I said stammering my words to him.

He lightly chuckled and said ''I know people that know people and other people.'' We both let out a light laugh together and walked towards each other closer.

''Thank you, for making my birthday so special.''

''Of course anything for my baby girl. I love you.''

''I love you too.''

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