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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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~chapter contains sexual content~

Three days later...

It's been three days since I came home from the Maui trip and I only last there for a day. It kills me so much to isolate myself from there but I really needed some time alone and Maui wasn't a good place for me to be there. It was so nice of Stefan taking the generosity of paying my ticket and the suite to stay there. Although it was only for two days, it was just nice of him to do so.

That anxiety attack was real. I never felt so anxious and wanting to cry so hard just by what I witnessed. Yes, he was protecting his sister but just how vile he got after getting up did scare me. I have never seen him fight before so that is probably why I just had the anxiety attack.

Since then, I've been resting trying to keep my cool and refreshing my mind. Lauren has been very supportive of me resting my body and keeping me in my zone.

"Red or blue, " Lauren said as she flashes dresses in front of me. She then twirls around and pranced around the room keeping me entertain from her childish behavior.

"Uhh. Red, It complements your skin."

"Ohh, true!"

"Aha, I missed you."

"Me too. You have no idea how many times Rico snaps my phone away from me for sending you those memes.

"And I'm glad he did! It was so many I couldn't keep up! Aha!"

"Just trying to make you happy that's all."

"You're the best."

"I know." Lauren came over to me and sat down on the edge of the bed. She then massaged on my leg lightly then exhaled a sigh. "Have you talked to Stefan?"

"Yeah, he's on his way back."

"What was his reaction to your attack?"

"He seemed to be frightened. Like he didn't see it coming. I feel so bad, I do but it's just so hard to forget how much he was fighting for his sister. You know? Like what if that was me? The guy could've been dead by now."

"Stefan loves you, Isabella. I think for that moment he snapped obviously because it was his reaction. But, the billionaire loves you. I mean all these things you told me about you two it's pretty obvious. You're his Dream Girl."

"I don't think so. Lauren. Dream Girl?"

"I think so. Just watch, he's going to tell you."

You know... now that you've mentioned it he almost slipped up from saying those words."


"Yes." After Lauren and I had our girl talk, she prepared herself to get ready for work. I, however, limped over to the couch and turn on the TV to binge watching Grey's Anatomy. Just last week, I started watching it on Netflix and now I'm already on the second season!

"— See you soon.

"What was that?" Stefan said looking around at the noise.

"Nothing it was just a cup, " I said with a giggle.

"You sure?" He replied.

"Babe, I'm sure. Please continue."

"Oooh, you bad girl." He continued again eating me out densely. The harder he goes the louder I moan. It felt so amazing, my eyes were unsteady to his pleasures which made me look like I was possessed.

After Stefan stopped, he pushed himself off from the ground and kissed me again all over to my lips and down on my chest.

"You're amazing, " I whispered.

"So are you, " he whispered back.

I put back my panties and my shorts as Stefan went over to the living room and sat down on the couch. I went over to him and sat down fixing my hair in a ponytail.

"Grey's Anatomy, you too?" He said in a silly tone.

"Yeah. You watch it?"

"No, but I know Stephanie does. You literally watched three seasons of the show, does your eyes hurt from crying?"

"Um... maybe.. but there's nothing wrong with watching it, I just love it."

"You just love crying."

"Hey, crying is good for you."

"Sure, babe. It is." We both let out a laugh after I slide over to him. Getting closer, I snuggle under his arm then switch out of Grey's Anatomy to 'Orange Is The New Black'.

It was just the two of us. Sitting on the couch and laughing to each characters moments on the show. It was the first time that I've seen him relaxed and being comfortable around me.

In that moment I knew Stefan truly does care for me. He doesn't even try so hard to please me because I know it's a genuine care and that he's willing to express his feelings to me every single second when we're together.

I love it. I absolutely love this.

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