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"Yes, I'll tell you later, '' I responded.

I know.

We've already just started to date how can I possibly say those words to her. I'm falling for Isabella so quickly that there's no way for me to pull it back.

Her patience with me is unbelievable. For a second, I thought she would have been done with me after that insane blow-out in Italy. But because of my annoying-ignorant self, I kept pushing hard for her to accept my forgiveness: and she did.

Isabella forgave me and since then I've been glued to her, wanting every single inch of her beauty and personality. She's everything that I asked for and I'm glad that I can call her my girlfriend.


After the dinner, Hula Incorporations director Sebastian Gills thanked me for this opportunity that is happening with my brand's collection launching in their company. I finally signed the papers and took some photos with him and his board members at the dinner.

Hours passed by, and it was nearly midnight. Stephanie and Bella were near the snack bar talking like there's no tomorrow as music was flowing around and people were dancing left to right. I was sitting next to Paul and continued to look at Isabella with heart eyes; thinking to myself how unreal she looked.

''Earth to Stefan Mitchell!'' Paul said covering his hands together on top of his mouth. I snapped out of my daydream and looked at him in confusion.


''Dude did you even hear what I say.''

''Um... no... wh-- what--- did you say?''

''Seriously? What are you looking at?''


''Let me see--''

''--No!'' As soon as Paul twists his body around I covered my eyes in shame knowing I was staring at Isabella and not paying attention to Paul. He twists his body back and let out an ''oh I see how it is'' look. Just like that one popular gif.

''So... Isabella? You really like her huh?'' He said.

''More than that but um. yeah..'''

''More than what? What does that mean?''

''That means...''

''Ohh... you... love... Bella?''

''Yeah, Is it crazy that I'm saying this? We started dating and I'm falling for her so quickly.''

''A little crazy. But, not a lot. You can't control who you love. It's a good feeling that you find someone like this. I can tell you really do have hard feelings for her."

''I want to tell her but I just want to be patient you know.''

''Yeah, I get it. Say it when you're ready.''


I will. And I know I am in love with Isabella, but, I would say it when I'm fully ready to say it in front of her.

From afar, Stephanie exclaimed loudly that made both me and Paul hopped out of our seats. We both marched over to Stephanie who was arguing with a white male.

''--- Can't you see we're not interested!'' Stephanie barked at him with a dense push.

''--- Could've said no!'' He said grabbing Stephanie's arm with a grip as she tries to wrestle her arm out of his hand.

''YO!'' Paul barked loudly.

''Hey what the fuck is going on?'' I responded.

''Who are you?'' He said to Paul and me.

''I'm her brother, and you're going to learn how to not put your hands on

You too brother. You stood up for me--''

''---But I caused her to have an anxiety attack.''

''Because she was scared, Stefan. That's it. It was in that moment, she was scared. I was too you went a bit overboard. But, that doesn't matter anymore.''

''Am I allowed to see her?''

''Yes. Just be easy, okay?''

''Yeah. Okay.''

Inside, I saw Isabella's foot wrapped around in a cast. She was watching TV and eating some snacks on her bed. I pulled a small chair and sat next to her then scan my hands slowly on her arm.

''Hey, '' I whispered.

''Hey, '' she replied.

''I'm sorry. I really am baby. I didn't mean to scare you like that at all. I was just trying to—"

''— Babe, I understand. You were just protecting your sister. It's okay."


''Yes, but there's something that I need to tell you. I think I want to go home.''

''Huh? Why?''

''Stefan, I'm just very exhausted. I had an anxiety attack. After I get it, I just need to be alone away from everything and refresh, and it's best to be at home.It has nothing to do with you I swear, it's just so hard to explain. Plus, my ankle. I hope you can be okay with that.''

''Yeah I am. I understand. I'm okay with that. I fly you over to the same private jet first thing in the morning.''

''Okay, I'm sorry I knew you wanted me to enjoy this, sounds so dramatic—"

"—Baby girl, it's okay. Everything's going to be okay."

She nods her head slowly then yawned lightly and placed her bowl on the side. I then kissed her on the forehead.

"Rest easy, " I whispered.

"I will."

I walked out of the room and made Stephanie to come back to the resort with me. At the resort, I was in my suite and slouched over on my bed as I turned on TV.

This whole day was a complete mess.

I did my hardest to forget about the incident and now Isabella hurt her ankle. I know I shouldn't worry so much but she wanted to be alone because of the anxiety attack, which I completly understand.

It's just sucks trying to make sure that everthing's okay when in I feel like it's falling apart.

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