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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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''Isabella, '' He said smiling his way to me. I let out a nervous laugh and cleared my throat densely with awkwardness trying to avoid the fact that Alè is here. My Italian Prince Charming who I only knew for a day is here.

And what is mindblowing is that I really, truly thought we were not going to see each other again. But the universe really speaks itself: it's a small world after all.

''Alè, um... how... wow.. you're here?'' I said nervously.

''Yes, I am. Only for a day, sadly. I came here to support my sister. She recently had her wedding here."

''Oh.. um... wow, that's uh, really good, beautiful actually."

''Mmm hmm, what about you?''

''Oh, um. Well, I came here because Stefan is launching a new collection with Hula Incorporations.''

''Hula? That's huge.''

''Yeah, everyone says that, '' We both chuckle at the same time nervously and let out a soft sigh. I wandered my eyes around trying to come up with some clue to say something but couldn't put my mind to it.

''You know, last time I didn't get the chance to say goodbye, maybe this time I can since you're here. Would you mind if we hang out, with a proper goodbye, " he said.

''Proper... goodbye?'' I replied in a curious tone. He giggled and shake his head 'yes' while his cheeks were turning red. Then it clicked to my head to what he really was trying to say. Proper good bye equals lets have a one night stand just for fuck sakes.

''Ooohh.... umm..I can't. I'm sorry Alè I'm with someone. Sorry I didn't mean---''

''--- No, Isabella. It's okay. I understand. And I'm sorry I just thought... you know... but, um... I respect your wishes that you're with someone. Kind of jealous of the lucky guy--''

''--- Is something wrong?'' Stefan interrupted which broke our necks to him. I was stammering to say something but continued to exhale a chuckle and pressed my lips together nervously.

''No, Not at all. Just saying a proper goodbye to Isabella. That's all, " Alé said.

''Isabella?'' He said in a dark tone to me. He widened his eyes to give him the true answer as I continued to chuckle and pressed my lips together nervously.

''Umm.. yeah. He's telling the truth. It's just a proper goodbye.''

''Isabella... Stefan.. addio'' Alè said. He waved a goodbye to the both of us and walked away to a car next to the building.

''Addio? What the---''

''---It means goodbye, Stefan, '' I replied in a bland tone. He rolled his eyes at me with an attitude and sat down on the bench. ''Did you just gave me an attitude?''


''Stefan, you literally rolled your eyes at me. Is it because Alè was here?''

''Yeah Bella, you know what happened between us when you two..... then... I fired you...''

''Yeah, but he

nto two separate shower heads. One was oversized while the other was an oval-shaped head.

Cleansing off, I washed my face and all over my body. I could feel Stefan's eyes glued to my body and wanting to touch me all over again.

I also was thinking the same thing to Stefan. How the water drops in his body rapidly moving on his chest and to his lower abs. I was fighting my sexual attraction to his ravishing body. He's in a good shape it amazes me how much this guy can eat anything in one day.

After the tension between us in the shower we finally got ourselves ready and head out of the suite. Stephanie and Paul both came outside with a relief on their faces.

"What's wrong?" Stefan said to the both of them.

"Uh... nothing... we're just.... you know... we're cool, " they both stuttered at the same time. Stefan and I both looked at each other and let out a soft snicker.

"I think they fucked, " Stefan said in my ear.

I let out a hard snicker which made Paul and Stephanie snap their necks back to us.

"What?" They both said.

"Nothing, it's nothing, " I replied. Stefan winked at me foolishly then interlocks his hand in mine.

At the lobby, a tall-ginger girl escorted us to the front of the lobby and informed Stefan that there was a limo ride for us.

''-- Thank you, '' Stefan said to the girl as she walks back inside. He walks over to me and wraps his arms around my waist with a smile on my face. I replied back and place my head down nervously.

''You're so beautiful, you know that?'' He whispered.

''Thank you.''

''You're welcome.''

''Why are you so cheesy?''

''Nothing.'' He smiled again showing off his pearly white teeth and let out a small chuckle.

''Nothing? Really? Is there something that I need to know.''

''Yes. But, I'll tell you later.''


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