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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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~ Chapter contains sexual content~

''Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the fifth annual collection of the M.E. Enterprise, we are happy to announce this fall collection is created by director Max Pierre along with photographer Julie Lee and Kristen Lee. And of course, the one and only, Stefan Mitchell, '' said the host-man.

We were at Hilton Toronto Hotel, the same venue I was in when I was Stefan's assistant. Again, many people came by sitting down on the chairs for the performance to start. We were going to witness the runway of the new collection.

I was sitting in the front row with Stefan, Stephanie, Sean, and Paul. There were journalists at each angle criticizing this collection by writing down on their notes or recording on their device. After the host did his introduction, the lights dimmed down and the show started.

Pop-funk music started to play and everyone clapped to the beat while the models were walking down on the aisle.It was so breathtaking to see how this collection turned out. A bit similar to the last one, but, this time, it had beautiful fall-colors like purple, orange, yellow, and light-green, and red.

About thirty models, male and female, walked down on the runway representing the new fall collection. At the end, everyone got up from their seats and clapped loudly as the host-man came by again thanking everyone who came in to watch the show.

Leaving the venue, we migrated to the dining hall and got to our seats then ordered our meals.

Stefan was next to me, across from him was Paul, across from me was Stephanie and next to her was Sean. I ordered the special from today's menu along with a cool apple champagne.

Paul and Stefan started to spice up the conversation with us about stories they did back in college.

''---Wait, you used to do that?'' I said to Stefan who is already blushing hard and feeling embarrassed about his bad boy persona.

''Oh, trust me, that's nothing compared when we were kids, '' Sean added.

''I wasn't that bad, '' Stefan replied.

''Liar!'' Sean, Stephanie, and Paul roasted back to Stefan who blew out a ''pssht'' sound and took a sip of his drink. I pressed my lips together in a silly action trying so hard to not laugh from this conversation.

''So, Isabella, tell us how you met Stefan, '' said Sean. I let out a nervous smile and stammered my words to come up with something. Stephanie and Sean both looked at me with a huge smile on their faces to hear about me and Stefan.

''Uh... well... I um... I used to work for Stefan.''

''Oh no wonder. He always goes for the models but not the extreme sexy ones like you, '' Sean added. Paul then whistles with amusement and took a sip from his drink; knowing the fact that I wasn't the enterprise's model.

''Mmm... no. I wasn't a mode

ftly tracing my fingers all over his face and down to his lips.

"—And so are you, " he replied. He leans forward to me and kissed me softly on my lips. We were interlocking our tongues in a slow motion and massaging each other's face.

Stefan moaned in between our kisses which caused me to copy the same by his soft pleasures. I rolled over on top of him and continued to kiss him slowly down on his neck. His hands were scanning upwards to my bra and aggressively unravel it.

I took my shirt off showing off my breasts in front of him. He pushed me back on the couch and continued with his harshness of taking off my skirt and my panties on the floor.

He unzips his pants down to the floor and continued to strip his boxers down including taking off his shirt. Stefan pulled out a condom from his back pocket and placed it in his dick.

After, he climbs on top of me and begins to thrust inside of me. I gasped lightly to the feeling of his dick inside of me. He smiled softly and slowly moved his dick into my vagina and massaged my breasts in a circular motion.

My moans begin to escalate in a high-pitched tone as I scratched his back and admire his body on mine. He was picking up the pace in a rapid motion. I couldn't control myself but to moan loudly and scratch his back densely. His minty breath swift under my nose which caused me to bite my lips slowly while gazed into each other's eyes.

"Fuck, " I whispered to his ear. He breathing heavily after thrusting inside of me. Stefan kissed me on the lips and all over my breasts. "Goodness, that felt so good, " I whispered to him as he came forward to me.

"Anything to pleasure my baby girl, " he whispered back. I giggled and covered my face with shyness as he continues to kiss on my stomach.

Stefan called me his baby girl.

Not once but twice.

Aahhh this is incredible!

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