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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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It's been two weeks since I've seen or heard from Stefan. And I'm not going to lie but it places me in a really horrible mood. Like he just fucked me and left me behind without saying anything.

I don't want to overthink too much just because everything happens for a reason. But, still, I really miss his handsome-self.

Scrolling through my phone, I was indecisively wondering whether or not I should text him. Placing my phone down I let out a sigh and put my head against the wall and pressed my eyes together in shame.

''Bella! I got pizza!'' Lauren said. Her voice echoed through the room which made me got out from my bed and sluggish my way to the kitchen. She opened a bottle of beer then took some slices and sat on the high-chair.

I grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza and also sat on the high-chair next to her.

''Hey, what's with the long face?'' she said.

''Stefan, '' I mumbled.

''Still, haven't said anything to you?''


''Well, Bella, I mean he is a CEO, don't you think he's just busy with meetings and stuff.''

''I don't know....''

''Hey, look at me, '' she tapped on my shoulder as I dropped down the pizza and finally target my eyes at her. She then bends her head to the side and gave me that ''come on really'' look. ''I'm sure he's planning something for his company. Should he say that to you? Yes, he should. But, don't think about it too much. Okay?"

''You're right.''

''Now eat your pizza and don't be sad.''


After eating three slices, I decided I wanted to sleep in early since I've been working so much lately. These past days, all I could think about was Stefan. His kisses, his eyes, his smile, and of course his ravishing body. But because of his persona of being a billionaire, and the ''bad boy'' it just gets to me too much.

In the middle of the night, my phone was vibrating voluminously on the counter. I groaned out of my bed and wipe my eyes hard to see who was calling me late at night. My heart dropped in happiness to see Stefan's name on the phone.

''Finally!" I whispered to myself.

I got out of the bedroom and wandered around the living room area then confirmed the call.

''Bella?'' His dark-voiced triggered my spine to jump up and down to him calling me.

''Stefan, hi.''

''Hi, how are you?''

''Good, and you?''

''Good too. I'm sorry that I didn't call you or text you, it's just been chaotic at the enterprise. I've launched my fall collection and had to hire new models and hire more editors and photographers for the enterprise.''

''Wow, that does sound very chaotic.''

''Yeah, plus planning on my birthday which is tomor

for a day at his place and ask me if I was okay with it.

"— You okay with that?" He said.

"Yeah, it's cool."

After the dinner, the party died down and all of us migrated to the limousine. Paul said his goodbyes and took his ride to his place as we went to Stefan's home.

There, we finally unpacked our belongings and went over to our rooms. Sean decided to go out more in the city while Stephanie stays in and wanted to sleep since she had a long day.

Stefan and I were in the bedroom helping me unpack my clothes and placed them on the side of the counter.

"Did you enjoy your birthday?" I asked walking to him.

"Yes, I did."

"That was a lot of people over there."

"It's always like that every year. It's not a big deal to me."

"Mmm cause you're a billionaire duh."

He walked up to me and chuckle softly then brushed my hair to the side.

"Not going to lie, I missed you."

"Me too."

"You know I've been thinking a lot lately and I really want to be with you. These past weeks made me felt so miserable in a way I can't even explain. It's like when I'm around you I can be myself. But, when I'm not it just feels empty."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Isabella, would you be my girlfriend?" My heart pumped so hard in a fast motion to Stefan's offer of me being his girlfriend. I exhaled with a weak laugh not knowing what to say but instead I jumped to his face and kissed him harshly. "Was that a yes?" He said muffling through our kisses.

"Yes, I would be your girlfriend."

We both smiled at the same time then continued on kissing each other nice and slow with some tongue action in between.

I can't believe it!

This is happening!

Stefan asked to be his girlfriend!




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