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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Stefan POV

~chapter contains sexual content~

"Well, I'm waiting, " I said walking slowly to Isabella who still in shock that I followed her to the restroom. I saw her from afar while I presented the speech to the audience. My eyes widened slowly looking at her from far away and saw the way she looked.

"Uhh— How—- how did you—"

"I saw you from afar."

"I—-I can explain. See my friend said that Greg was supposed to be here and I thought it's just a normal event but when I saw your name I mean I just didn't know what to do."


"I'm serious!"

"Okay, whatever you say." Taking baby steps I finally got very close to Isabella inhaling her vanilla perfume and touched her chin with my thumb. "I think you left something at my place, " I whispered.

"What are you talking about?" She whispered back.

"You left your panties." I grin devilishly looking at Isabella's cheeks turning red.

"You're... lying... I packed everything in my bag."

"You sure about that? Could've sworn I saw a hot-pink-laced panty on the floor."

She was stammering her words to say something then exhaled a weak laugh.

"Why are you like this?"

"Because I like watching you get teased by me. If you want it-"

"I'll stop by tomorrow after my shift and get it myself—"

"— Don't think so."

"Well... I do think so now excuse me I need to find my friend." She pushed me from the side and walked in a pace motion to the dining room.

I left a little chuckle just reminiscing about how I told her about the panties. And yes, she actually left her panties in my bathroom.

Leaving the area, I saw Isabella trying to get her friend's attention but her friend is already dancing like there's no tomorrow with a guy. I left the area and went my way to the bar near the balcony to get myself a drink.

''---Thank you, sir, '' I said to the waiter.

Taking a sip, I saw Isabella coming up the stairs with a sorrow face. She came to me then takes a drink from the waiter then takes a sip in silence.

''You okay?'' I asked taking a small step closer. She puts her head down and looks at me again with the sorrowing face.

''No, I guess Lauren is having a blast as always while I'm just being--''

''-- Debbie Downer?''


''You really don't know just to relax a bit. I'm sure your friend is just having fun.''

''Well... I guess so..''I raised my eyebrows specifying that she agreed with my statement. "Ugh, I don't know what to do anymore, ''she whispered.

''Let's talk outside.''


''Yes. Come on.'' I escorted out to the balcony and sat down on the tiny bench near the waterfall.''Are you sure you're okay?'' I asked again. She heaved a sigh and shrugged softly then takes a sip of her drink again.

''I mean, I know I'm being a bit uptight, it's

s all over her stomach and begin to thrust inside of her slowly. As I was enjoying the pleasure, I picked up the pace listening how loud Isabella was moaning which eventually became hardcore.


The whole night, Isabella and I were fucking each other hard to any position that she was comfortable with me doing it to her. I didn't realize how much frustration she had because of me being the teaser to her, and I high-key liked it. A lot.

It was early in the afternoon and I was washing in the bathroom remembering the insane sex I had with Isabella. She was getting herself ready to leave for work since she has an early shift today.

After the wash and getting ready I took her back to her apartment place for her leftover equipments and waited for her to come outside to take her to work. She finally came inside then close the door as I restarted the car and drove to her workplace.

Arriving there, I parked near the entrance and rolled down the windows watching her getting out of the car.

''Am I going to see you soon?'' she said bending over to me from my side of the car.

''Uh, maybe I'll let you know.''

''Oh, okay.''

''Can I get a kiss, '' I said smiling hard at Isabella who is trying her hardest not to blush in front of me. She bends over to my face and pressed her lips to mine. I winked at her as she turns away slowly walking inside.

A random red-head girl was gawking in a silliness action by me kissing Isabella. It's the same girl who was drunk from the twentieth party and wanted to be all over me.

''THAT'S YOUR BOYFRIEND?!" She exclaimed through the windows. Isabella turns to me and awkwardly waved a goodbye while the girl continued to look at the both of us goofy.I finally waved a goodbye to Isabella then got out from her work.

Me and Isabella?


Maybe she could be my girlfriend.

Just maybe.

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