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   Chapter 15 NO.15

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"I feel like a five-year-old wearing Shaq O'Neal's clothing, " I said to Stefan as he came out from the door. He exhaled a laugh and sat on the bed and tied his shoes from the side.

"Relax Bella."

"Bella?" I said in an amused tone.

"Yeah, you know short for Isabella."



"Nothing, I just didn't think you would call me Bella that's all."

He smirked lightly showing off his pearly teeth. I smiled from the side as well then begin to get my stuff and leave out of the room. It wasn't so bad spending a night with Stefan after all. Even though I was completely intoxicated; he took care of me and made sure that I was okay.

Thank goodness I had my phone with me. I did send a text earlier to Lauren explaining what happened and she was okay with it but teased me if any sexual activities happened between Stefan and me.

In the garage lot, Stefan clicked on his keys and unlock the doors to his all-black Porsche. We both went inside the car and begin to back up out of the driveway.

Stefan then puts on some music on playing from his Spotify playlist and navigate his way to my apartment with Lauren.

Arriving in the lot, Stefan placed the handle in P then turns his head to me for an answer.

''Thank you, '' I said.

''You're welcome.''

''What I said earlier...''

''It's okay, I'm cool with it.''

''I was drunk and---.''



''I said it's fine. Don't worry. But, what I said earlier..... I meant it, '' he whispered.

''Oh... yeah?'' I whispered in high pitch tone. He pressed his lips together and wipe his tongue all over the top lip with a sexual expression. I let out a delicate sigh and said ''See you... um... around, '' I whispered.

Leaving his car, he backed up from the lot and drove his way out. I then dug into my purse for the keys and saw my necklace I left from Italy. My heart warmed with happiness just by looking at it. I was in a frustration-panic-attack when I was on the plane and realized that I left it in my suite.

And I knew who gave it back to me.


I then saw the tiny piece of paper attached to it from him with his cursive handwriting.

Thank me later


''Sure thing Stefan, '' I said to myself. Finally, at the apartment, I came in as Lauren was cleaning up some dishes from last night.

''Hey, you, '' she said as I hopped in the high-chair and swirled around to her.


''So.. what's... uh... what are you wearing, '' she said with a wink.

''This is his clothes.''

''Mmm hmm...did you guys...''

''Omg! Nooo not yet.''



''Looks like the bad boy is into you.''

''Yeah, it does. I mean I was so drunk last night, I spilled some things that I should'

her mid-forties, clapped so hard with a huge smile on her face. My face turned into a mean-mugging expression just by her clapping.

''Stefan's biggest fan, '' Lauren whispered to my ear. I chuckle softly as Stefan started with his speech. He was talking in a calm tone, communicating with us like we were his friends and continually making jokes here and there. He then stated that Greg's wife was sick and said that he called Stefan to substitute for him. Apparently, the two knew each other from a friend.

Seriously, Stefan know's everyone.

After his speech, people begin to donate around the room. The charity reached about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars which was more than the money goal that the charity needed.

''Give it up to you guys!'' said the African-American female who was talking earlier. Everyone stood up from their seats and clapped hard to the goal we made.

Later on, everyone begins to migrate on the dance floor to celebrate the success of the event. Lauren already was making friends from afar while I was the pariah wandering around and getting candy from the Candy Bar.

On my way to the bathroom, I washed my hands and fixed myself a bit and placed my hair into a high-ponytail. I let out a sigh and pressed my eyes together hoping Stefan will not see me.

I mean lowkey I do, but it's a no for the night since he teased me earlier and it did drive me a bit crazy.

As I opened the door, I gasped in fear when I saw Stefan leaning on the wall with his hands in his pocket and smiled widely. He did the same action: licking his lips slowly from what I've seen in the car. My heart was racing fast just by looking at his handsome-self gawking at me.

Man Lauren was right, I was going to get caught.

Man, I should've left earlier!

''You can't get enough of me?'' He smirked.

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