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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Friend's from Lauren's work including myself was here celebrating Lauren's birthday. She came inside with a joyful face hugging everyone in the room.

''You guys suck! You know that?!'' She said while the rest of us were giggling to Lauren's excitement. Her friend Kai from her work placed his Dj set on the counter then started to mashup some songs as we begin to celebrate.

"I can't believe you're twenty-five, '' I said to Lauren pouring a drink in my cup.

''Yes, I can't believe it too, feels like yesterday I was getting my permit and boom I'm old.''

''Not yet.''

''Eh, but still.'' We both chuckled and hugged each other lightly. I promised Lauren that I would loosen up a bit for her birthday. The whole day I kept thinking about Stefan and even talked so much about it last night to Lauren. She told me that I was crazy going to a billionaire's home. Which is true, but still, I just could not stop thinking about it.

But being here with Lauren is okay because the past few days I was a bit off from seeing Stefan at the party and going to his place.

And I'm only doing this because Lauren is my best friend and I seriously could use any sort of drink at this moment.


It's almost two o'clock in the morning and the party is still going on. At this point, I'm drunk and very tired from the dancing and singing. The music has died down leaving the rest of us on the floor in the living room.

I was slouching on the couch rereading the text messages I sent to Stefan earlier from today. Before locking my phone, his ID caller popped on my screen.

''Hello?'' His dark-voiced echoed through the phone.


''Isabella? Are you okay? Why'd you call me?''

''Wh-why-huh? What are you ttt-talking about psshhh I-- didn't call you--''

''Yes you did Isabella, you called me. Wait, are you drunk? Where are you?''

''I'm not drunk, '' I replied in a high pitch.

''Are you at your friend's apartment?''

''Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not. Who knows.''

''Okay, just share your current location, I'm going to come and get you.''

''Catch me if you can, '' I said in a singing tone. He inhales sharply then exhaled with irritation.

''I already find you, you're at your friend's apartment I'm coming.''

''Wait, no, I was just kidding! Don't come!''

''Catch me if you can, '' he replied in a singing tone.

Is he for real?

Is he really doing this on purpose?

What the fuck was I thinking?


drunk, I thought I was talking to another guy but really it was him. It was Stefan this whole fucking time! Suddenly, I choked again loudly which made his neck snap back to me.

''Yeah, okay. Talk you to soon bye."

Stefan went his way to me slowly then leans forward to me and said "Isabella, are you sure---''

''—-Yeahhh, I'm fine.''

''You keep looking at me with a guilt on your face.''

''I wasn't.''

''You were.''

I got up from my seat and went over to the sink and washed my dish. He came over to me and sized me up and down to get an answer from me.

''I said I'm fine, I promise.''

''You keep sizing me up and down slowly. What's up with that?''

''Maybe because I'm an observant person.''

''Or maybe you were looking at my dick print.''

''PSSHHH. Woooowww.''

He took a step closer to me and devilishly grin from the side. I wandered my eyes nervously and cleared my throat to make it seem that I ''don't know'' what he's talking about.

''You know it's a surprising thing that you would say something like my thing is huge. Coming from a girl who is quiet like a mouse. Hmph, interesting. But, I have to break it to you, what you're seeing down there is just how it is. Every.. single... morning.''

''Still, don't know what you're talking about, '' I whispered.

''I'm talking about my dick, sweetheart. If you want to see it, just ask.'' He winked at me then walked back to the dining table and went his way outside. My mouth dropped to his devil words and how he tried to make me crave more of his attention.

He knows what he's doing.

He's trying to get at me after of what I said to him earlier.

Awh shit.

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