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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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The sounds of the birds chirping in a thrill motion woke me up from my sleep. It is around eleven in the morning and I was to myself in the apartment since Lauren had to go on her early shift. Last night was unexpected, in fact, it felt like I was dreaming the whole entire time.

Stefan wanted to talk to me for sure and asked me for my forgiveness. I think that shows a lot of bravery in him that he's begging for me to forgive. And I am the type of person that would forgive the person immediately because I can not hold onto a grudge.


Leaving the apartment, I received a text from Stefan saying that he would pick me up after my shift. Butterflies in my stomach fluttered around just by reminiscing sitting across from him on my first day at work. The moment when he gave me my phone and sized me down in a slow sexual way gave me tingles around my body.

At work, I was busting my ass off serving cocktails, wiping on tables, escorting guests to tables and confirming their bill. Since it is the twentieth anniversary of this bar, there are so many people coming in; filling up the seats and watching a football game on tv.

''--- All these people! Sheesh!'' said my co-worker Heather.

''Yeah, it's insane. Can't believe it's the twentieth year.''

''I know right, the greatest milestone in Toronto.''


Hours went by quickly from the numerous people coming in the bar and celebrating again for the anniversary. It was around nine and my shift was over; finally. I went to the employee room and begin to gather my belongings and head out from the bar.

Walking out, there was a limo driver who I recognized, standing out with my name posted. I looked back and turn my head back to him pointing at myself nervously. He chuckled and said ''Ms.Vega, please, no harm. This is from Mr.Mitchell.''

''Oh.. okay, '' I mouthed. Everyone around me was mumbling under their breath and kept staring at me as I slid inside of the limo. After the driver closed the door, he came around from the driver's seat and booted up the limo.

There were snacks and water in the tiny box-area. I decided I grabbed one and enjoy the ride. Then, I read the notecard that was next to me and saw Stefan's handwriting.

Hope you enjoy the snacks


Arriving at the gate, the driver pressed on a code for us to enter in. He served all the way to the front of the garage door then unlocks the door for me to get out.

''Have a nice night, '' he said.

''You too.''

To my right, there were tiny stairs by the main door. I then walked my way up and knocked on it several times. A light buzz sound came which then made me notice that the door is unlocked. I enter inside of the mansion and was fascinated how elegant it looks.

Everything is so fucking neat.

''Is he still around?''

''No, he passed away a year after my sister graduated from high school.''

''I'm sorry.''

''Don't be. Since then, I vowed I don't turned out to be like my dad, abusive and a coward. But, these years it was hard for me to be in a real relationship. That's why I'm so stoic and became this mean guy. Until, I met you and that all changed."

I heaved a sigh and spilled out to Stefan a brief of me being raised by my so-called parents. How I didn't get enough attention around the house and seeing my parent's fight almost every day. My mom working full-time, and my dad in-and-out of the house and only stays when he ''feels'' like it.

''That's insane--, '' Stefan said.

''Yeah, at least I had my best friend. Her parents were technically mine. I actually lived there and my parents didn't even give a shit about it.''



''Are they still around?''


''I'm sorry.''

''Don't be.'' Stefan slides closer to me and slowly brushed my hair to the side. I slide closer to him and copied the same to him.

''You seem tired, do you want to go home?''


We both got up from the couch and walked out from the room.Stefan leads the way to the garage and clicked on the keys for the car to open. I got in the passenger's seat and put on the seatbelt while Stefan did the same and turns on the car.

He drove me back to my apartment with Lauren and parked in the apartment-number lot. I released the seatbelt and unlock the door slowly.

''Are you busy tomorrow?'' Stefan said.

''Actually yes, It's my best friend's birthday tomorrow.''

''Okay, have fun.''

''Yeah, I will.'' I got out the car and let out a sigh seeing Stefan leaving the garage lot.

My cheeks bloated with happiness just by thinking about him one more time.

Maybe, he's not so bad after all.

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